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  • Carol A Brown

    Watching it now (it came today) and LOVING it. God is so awesome. We are leaving for vacation in the morning so the 2nd dvd will have to wait till we come back. I love how you start in Salt Lake City. I have mormonism in my back ground (not me but in the family). BLESSINGS!

  • Robert

    By far you have out done yourself with Holy Ghost. This epic journey kept me at the edge of my seat! Seeing the Holy Spirit manifest Himself to display God’s love for the participants was in one sense miraculous but then again it PROVED BEYOND DOUBT the Fathers love! He will do anything for His kids! This project actually brought me closer to the Holy Spirit and I am now on a quest to get to know Him even more, I want to know His name now! After all The Father, has a name, the Son has a name, doesn’t it make sense the Spirit also has a name? I want to know it! Darren, if you make another film I’ll bCk you again! Thank you for showing the world that Holy Spirit is a person who wants to interact with us and show us who Jesus Christ is!

  • Joseph Holland

    Can’t watch it without tearing up. I’m happy that this film is in my home. It is truly directed by the Holy Spirit and you can tell if you have ever experienced Him. LOVELY FILM!!

  • M. Martinelli

    WOW, WOW, WOW! I cried and laughed, laughed and cried all the way.into an Amazed Confirmation that He literally wants to enjoy and taste with us every single beat of our heart, every single step we do, every thoughts, every feeling, every sight, everything! My youngest son and I watched together and we are restarting again! My son favorite parts are India with Jake Hamilton, Rome and the Boat “Power of Love”, but likes it all. I can’t really tell yet if I have a favorite part because I LIKE IT ALL and I normally Like everything good no matter if I can describe more or less good, Good is Good! Yesterday I watched more than a half before my shift at the restaurant and an autistic girl said for the first time a whole sentence!!! Yay! I finished watched at night after work and this morning. And now after my shift I am here again watching it from the beginning and …..Praising Him for it! and typing this!!, I believe that this is not a MOVIE , it is LIFE, the LIFE that we are all meant to live one way of the other. I don’t mean by this that we need to give up our jobs and start going around the world but certainly the world starts “being” at home, next door and everywhere we go and all the sudden we may find our self over the Ocean in another Nation. I can’t even say that it is an INSPIRING movie because is WAY more than that! How can we “labeled” HOLY SPIRIT……..it is Impossible as it should be an Infinite never ending “piece of paper” full of all His works His Love, His seeking communion and relationship with us, that not even all the books of the world of all ages can contain! This IS the BEST “production” I ever saw! THANK YOU HOLY GHOST for BEING OUR BEST COMPANION! THANK YOU GUYS for BEING YOU!

  • Aaron Payne

    Really Amazing! I’ve seen all of Darren’s films and each one has had a very real and unique impact on me. The part of the film that really impacted me was the Korn concert footage. It was absolute love and faith in action. I really believe these are some of the most important documentaries ever made – there’s really nothing else like them. I feel God is using these films to help clarify and show people how to walk-out love and faith in their lives. It really looks easy. It seems God is just looking for those who will trust Him and show concern for others. I will never be the same after watching this. Thank you Darren and team! It’s obvious that God is behind this entire series. What could be more rewarding for a film maker? — to capture God on camera.

  • Denise Landingham

    Once again I sit amazed and more in love with God. His love is so intentional towards us. Watching the crew travel place to place and seeing as scripture says Christ in you the Hope of Glory was so amazing! I loved it all especially the Korn concert footage we are called to be light wherever we go.

  • Daniel Izz Sozoed

    Just saw this thing and it will inspire you! You will see people get touched by #HolyGhost over and over and over! It keeps moving and has you wanting more! And the best thing is there is more even after the movie is over! Just ask :)

  • http://lampsburning.org LampsBurning

    In Darren Wilson’s latest film “Holy Ghost,” he is out to prove
    something. He is out to prove that the Holy Spirit isn’t an amorphous
    blob but a real Person really moving in the same way He moved in the
    book of Acts. He’s out to prove that the Spirit is the the third person
    of the Trinity, and is real in the same way the other two Members are.
    Now anyone who is a Christian will agree to those things intellectually
    but as the first section of the film explains, there is a divorce in the
    application of that truth.

    You’ve got your “Word” people who basically believe the Spirit is
    only moving when the Bible is read, or to convict people of their sin,
    but isn’t doing any of the stuff they deem might be goofy like the
    miracles, signs, wonders, and experiential sort of things found in Acts.

    And then you’ve got your “Spirit” people. Who believe all that stuff
    the Spirit did back then, He is still doing, and is doing it through
    regular people like you and I.

    The main thrust of the beginning of the film is that these two groups
    need to reconcile, they need to marry one another, and the revival we
    are all looking for will come. This is an amazing truth and it makes my
    heart happy to see this concept put forward in Darren’s new film.

    In true Wanderlust style, Darren doesn’t hold back in His search for
    the Spirit’s activity and I can see some of my “Word” friends feeling
    pretty uncomfortable at some of the methodology of some of the “Spirit”
    people at the beginning. But if they hold on for the ride I think the
    fruit speaks for itself.

    The sound and video quality have been upgraded compared to older Wanderlust films. Tony Anderson has done the soundtrack and it’s brilliant, bursting forth in all the
    right moments and emphasizing the themes perfectly. The film ends with a
    hard hitting song from Jake Hamilton, who has created a short ep inspired by the film.

    The film has three (or four?) adventures. In the first adventure some
    Spirit folk (Will Hart,Jamie Galloway, TOMMY GREEN of Sleeping Giant!)
    go to the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City and introduce people to
    the Holy Spirit. Fireworks ensue.

    In the second Todd White
    goes to one of the richest places on earth, Monaco. And then to a Korn
    concert where he, Brian Welch, and Fieldy pray for people. Both of these
    adventures are explosive. And “coincidences” are aplenty with God
    moments happening one after another with hardly a chance to catch your
    breath. It was really cool to see Darren stepping out into his own film
    in this section and ministering at a crucial moment. Anyone who has seen
    his past films will know his journey from skeptic to observer and in
    this film he’s made the transition to an enthusiast of God’s presence.

    In the third adventure, Darren and crew head to the birthplace of
    Hinduism and Buddhism and hit the streets to worship Jesus radically out
    in the open. It was really cool to see another “Dome of the Rock”
    moment happen in this film. God is really good at doing these types of
    things it seems. The impossible seems rather easy for God, and it’s
    always amazing to watch My God flex His muscles to the world.

    Darren has crafted an amazing adventure, and brings us along for the
    ride. To me, he proves that Holy Spirit is living and active, and by the
    end it is only natural to begin to think of what this means for us. Can
    we step out in the same way we see these “Spirit” people doing? What
    might God do through us?

    The ending reminded me of the ending scene from “The Matrix”. Neo
    finds out who he really is, and maybe you and I might see in this film
    who we really are, and what Christ in us might do through us if only we
    step out. To quote Neo, “I’m going to show them a world … without you. A
    world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A
    world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I
    leave to you.” I think Darren has shown us that world. A world where we
    stop trying to control the Spirit and rather let Him move in the way He
    desires. Where boundaries are irrelevant in the face of the fierce love
    of the Spirit of God moving through us.

    The film ends with a bombshell, leaving you demanding more. And the
    good news is that there is, a sequel is due around this time next year.
    Look for “Holy Ghost: Reborn” in Fall of 2015. I’m counting the days.

    You can see it and purchase Holy Ghost on tour starting September 6th and in showings in churches and theaters all over. I recommend buying the deluxe edition, I’ve
    watched it and all the extra footage and interviews are well worth it.

    See this film!

    Review from: http://lampsburning.org/?p=1102

  • SherriB

    I don’t know how anyone could make it through this without weeping or laughing or shouting for the sheer joy of watching Holy Spirit at work!. So good. When they prayed for that guy’s wrist I found myself praying right along with them for his healing and was amazed to look down and realize my own hand and wrist were shaking with the power too! People get ready! Holy Spirit wants this to spread out with sonic shock waves. I love this, all of this! Oh and that part where you suddenly see the idol with the whites of it’s eyes… wow I sucked my breath in and then just whooped with laughter! That statue looked like it was shocked and stunned that Holy Spirit was there in the temple! I don’t know if you meant to do that or not, but I am still laughing. Not only does He love all those precious people in the temple, but He took time to display His marvelous sense of humor too! Just love it. Wow.

  • Christian Magazine

    Looking forward to watching it and promoting it to our 184,000 followers on Instagram. God bless!

    • Cory Edmond

      Thanks for sharing on Instagram. I follow christian magazine and clicked the link in your bio!

  • RobinKleinpeter

    Totally awesome…Well, I don’t know what to say, except we could use a little guitar around here…currently the rate of Somalia invasion is off the charts…wha?

  • Cary Matthews

    My family and myself have watched disc one twice and each time THE SPIRIT reveals great things, my wife and I have watched both of the other disks two times as well and again new and more wonderful things pop out, Hopefully all who watch this production will become more and more hungry for TRUTH for it is laid out before us all in the makings of this film. when ever asked by anyone what i feel the church lacks it is a simple word i share and that word IS TRUTH, Jesus said IAM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE and if we learn that HIS EVERY CLEANSING LIGHT, THE SPIRIT is the guide in which we are to know the way we shall truly be free heard someone once say that he was so far outside of the boat the people still in it must think i drowned, well he did in a way he drowned in the HOLY SPIRIT, church has become far to comfortable sit about in their little boats we all need to come out and LET HIS LIGHT OPEN THE EYS OF OUR HEARTS so we can truly walk in TRUTH

  • Judy Marshall

    Just finished watching the movie… I was struck by the presence of the Holy Spirit even as I was watching it and burst into grateful tears early on. So beautiful. I especially liked the comments made about how there are different methods to preaching Jesus. Some methods result in a small amount of fruit (like 5 or 6 salvations in 30 yrs) while others result in an immediate & more bountiful harvest (as we witnessed in the film) — You gave dignity to the “sparse-fruited” method because they too love the Lord, while helping the viewers & myself to desire a richer more rewarding life of the Spirit. It also reminded me of a John Wimber quote, “How do you spell faith? R.I.S.K.” — Honestly, you left me wanting more…That was the fastest hour & 45 give or take minutes I can remember. I could have easily sat thru part II with no problem. You have renewed my belief in the power of the Holy Ghost and you have given me a desire to keep pressing in and not shrink back when praying for healing – Thank you; can’t wait until Holy Ghost II comes out –

  • Lee March

    can’t wait for this movie!!! i’m so glad and excited that there are more people that love the Holy Ghost and wants Him to move in our lives!

  • Solomon Rain

    My daughter has a remarkable story about recieving the Holy ghost. She was 7 (last year) and was watching a video on the universe by louise Giglio called “How great is our God” you know, where he talkes about the universe ect. .Well there was this picture of the tiny earth and one perfectly lined up ray of light from the sun in earths direct path surrounded by space and stars . The perfection was so profound, I watched her eyes get big, then she sat up ..he preceeded to say how God came in the form of a man to earth to die as us..she started to tear up and sat up straight and started to flap her hands and her face turned red ‘I have to cry or throw up or something’ she said shaking
    I said, Juli its the holy spirit just start praying or something , let it out she started speaking in other tongues!! Best day ever! praise Jesus!

  • Michael van Vledder

    Loved this movie – Super amazing and inspiring – Super ampt to hit the street and share His love :) Felt such joy watching ppl hear from God, experience His presence and come to know Him. Whoohoo!!

  • Steve Patterson

    Just finished watching Holy Ghost with my wife and 4 kids (6, 9,12 and 14). My 9 year old wanted to be prayed for afterwards so we did and he experienced heat in his hands and twitching and the power of the love of God. I believe the Holy Spirit is strengthening my whole family to display the Father’s love in greater ways to all around us. I live in Charlottesville, va and am trying to host a screening of the film and asking God to make it so.

    • NancyJH

      Steve, I too live in Charlottesville Va. I just moved here in the last 6 months from California. I’m a widow of two children 22 and 11. I’ve been looking to make connections with other Holy Ghost/Spirit empowered famlies here. I knew that the Holy Spirit led me here to C’ville, by many manifested signs, to give both my daughter and I restoration and to breath new life and fresh fire into our home. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been in need of a Power boost after my move and was feeling a bit isolated. A long time friend “just happened” to direct me to the film Friday night. In raising my daughter, I feel led to an even stronger emphasis on a true living breathing constant interaction with God, because I think that is what is needed in the future world in front of her more than it ever was in the past. It is hard to find other families living that way in a world geared towards schedules and obligations left and right and the status quo. Not a lot of wiggle room for the Holy Spirit to move. After watching the film, I said, “I’ve got to find other people like myself, like the people in the film here in Charlottesville”…So, when I noticed your post said you were from Charlottesville and were a family with kids my daughter’s age….(well…you watched film)……consider us on board in helping you get a screening here..Let me know what we can do.

  • Genevieve Woodruff Culbertson

    What R. T. Kendall said was the DART that hit the mark for me, one side of Christians are all into the “WORD” which is good! and one side is into the “Spirit” which is good too!, the bad thing about this is they dig in their heels and don’t budge, but a people who will EMBRACE both the Word AND the Spirit will experience a REVIVAL like nothing that has ever happened in history! AMEN!!!!!!

  • Karen Goderie

    Just saw Darren’s Latest Offering now – after seeing “Father of Lights” – I started praying with people at work last year – The youth in our Christian Community have been praying on the streets of Sydney are Seeing Miraculous healings. Todd White was our encouragement – glad to see his upped the ante – this time – Yay God from Australia

  • Leslie Pawelczyk

    Great film! I plan on sharing it with a lot of people when it is officially released. I’m a mom of 3 teenage boys and they all invited a friend to watch it last night. They totally loved it! One boy said, as Darren was speaking in the promo asking people to share the movie with others, that he felt a strong sense that he should tell as many people as possible about this movie. He plans on showing it to his fraternity brothers in college! I’m sure that was the Holy Spirit moving in him. All the kids that watched it last night are born again Christians and feel this movie will be a great way to share Jesus and His love with others. Thank you so much for making this movie and listening to the Holy Spirit in your life! Darren, we love all your movies. Keep them coming!

  • Greg Stallings

    I remember when I was first touched by the Holy Ghost. I was in prayer and asking God just to give me more of him in my life. If anyone had asked if I wanted to be filled with the Spirit. I would have answered no. It was something I was afraid of. But in my moment of prayer I just asked God for more of His presence, cleared my mind of everything and The Holy Ghost came in. My life has never been the same. Thank you for this film. It makes me happy to see was God is doing in the life of his people.

  • sally from israel

    Wow! This is the best ever…i could sense the Holy Spirit throughout the whole movie. His tangable presence!

  • Benonbase

    Awesome is but a start to describe Holy Ghost. A must watch. Anxiously awaiting the official release so we can do a group viewing at The Ramp.

  • Peter Thayer Eldred

    I totally loved it, my pastor? not so much. go figure!

  • Marc Romero

    Earlier this year I was blessed to see father of lights on direct tv. This film made me hungry for God. A day or so later I ordered the trilogy and since then I have been praying for people that I may have never prayed for had I not seen this film. Im now very passionate about the things of the Lord and just do not look at life the same anymore. This latest film Holy Ghost is just awesome and adds more fuel to the fire of God that now burns within me!

  • Katie Joy Ramirez

    Most definitely like all the other films Darren has written it beautifully displayed how detailed God is about orchestrating our lives. So many moments the team had of what I call God winks! Excellent film! Great job being lead by Holy Ghost, He really showed up!

  • Kitty Ogrody

    My husband and I watched Holy Ghost last night. Today we attended a new church and a woman on the worship team shared about living in India and how a family there had mentored her and blessed her abundantly. Behind her was a large screen and as she was sharing Holy Spirit laid on my heart to talk to the pastor about showing the film there Sept. 6. This church is full of students who attend Appalachian State in Boone, NC. I am contacting him tomorrow to run my idea by him. We have seen all of Darren’s films and have shown them to groups before so I am excited to see what God is going to do with this. We are excited about partnering with this film to bring the Kingdom to earth. God is sooooo GOOD!

  • Rose Mary Nisly

    Watching God lead straight into Salt Lake City (locale of religious mindsets) touched my heart very deeply. I suddenly remembered my dream of being a reporter reporting what God is doing all over the earth and suddenly it started taking a very specific shape!… A film like this that focused on the Plain People and what Holy Spirit is doing there. I know people to talk to!! Can I have an address to send snail mail to for Darren Wilson?

    In the middle of the film, I was so grateful to hear wise people talk about needing to be willing to make mistakes to learn to hear God well. I’ve struggled with confidence. I also realized the Holy Spirit is THE game changer. I’ve struggled with feeling invasive in giving words of prophecy or praying for healing. Tears of repentance streamed down my face as I realized that Holy Spirit actually knows all about the people he sends me to, and what they need, and I’ve been discounting that he actually knows them even if I don’t. As if he would send me to make them uncomfortable!!

    And I loved the ending. The impossible. I really could relate to ministering to Mormons and Hindus very well because of my background. As an intercessor, I couldn’t help celebrating both the impossibility of what happened and the shift that was set in motion for the future.

  • El Rolex

    My name is Bradwell i live in Saint Cloud Florida, i am 22. I reconciled with christ on July 11 2014. Ever since I watched a vídeo of Darren describing the angel breakthrough revealing God’s plan his life and watched all films it has completely changed my life forever. Watching Holy Ghost has shifted my life so much that now God is working in my life like never before. Few minutes ago I just got done praying for a man that was sitting in dunkin donuts. That’s something I never done before in my life. And God’s been revealing himself through dreams and visions ever since. He’s been speaking to me through people I never seen or met before. For the Glory of God this film has been such an impact and I just want to thank God first and Darren for obeying the plan of God. If it wasn’t for you obeying God’s plan I wouldn’t be here and my life wouldn’t be changed forever. For all my life I’ve been raised in a doctrine where God is too strict and a God full of anger with also love but I knew something wasn’t right. I knew that God wasn’t some mighty being that is worrying so much about your physical body and what you gotta dress and what you can’t wear and a lot of Christians they wanna do the job of the holy ghost but they don’t understand that. I’ve found the real God that I’ve been looking for. God of LOVE. Everything that he does in our lives is because of his unconditional love. And now I have this love in me like I never had before. This love that is better than what this world can offer. And now it glows everywhere I go. Please pray for me and my twin brother Bradley and my older brother Omar so that God can fulfill his plan in our lives with great power and glory. So we can do greater things than what Jesus did here on earth. Thank Father Son and Holy, and Thank You Darren and the Team of Wanderlust. I will pray for you all! GOD BLESS YOU ALL WITH MASSIVE LOVE AND BLESSINGS OVERABUNDANTLY! =)

    • Jon WalkinGrace Lebron

      Hey brother I live near St.cloud!!! I’m thinking of hosting it hopefully at my church in Orlando. That movie was amazing and God confirmed everything he showed me. I’m learning to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Like a child I’m learning a language.

      • Morgan Keri

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      • http://www.legacyfam.com Legacy Church

        We will be having the Power and Love School in Tampa in September 2-5. http://www.legacfam.com

    • Rebecca

      Dear soul, don’t forget to always capitalize the Name of the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit). And did you mean on the sentence before last to say, “Thank Father Son and Holy Ghost (or Holy Spirit),” ?

    • kpeshi

      thank GOD for you my friend can i get that video link that change your life

  • LifeTime

    Wow, wow, wow! So good! Wife and I watched it last night…LOVED it! So love the God Appointments that they discovered. Loved how they showed how EASY it is to bring people to Jesus when we use HIS methods! Get everyone you know to one of the showings in September…they will never be the same again!

  • Diana Ye San Chen

    I feel like after I watched this movie last night, I felt like I believed again and I felt even more spirit filled! During the movie I felt God’s powerful love again and it just started to manifest through me by crying so much and just feeling the heat and once you watch this movie it’ll definitely encourage you to just believe again… before when I was definitely just hungry for God I just kept praying for others for whatever type of spirit that was constantly attacking them just to leave in the name of Jesus and to never to return because we are all covered by the blood of Jesus :) I’m just so glad for people to FINALLY get that its just not about the word but about how God just keeps loving us and that he is the one who can save us :) I hope I can get a personal email from you guys, I just wanna keep talking about how much God can do!! please please if possible send me a personal email ,,

    • LifeTime

      For sure! Nothing better than the Presence of Holy Spirit!

      • Diana Ye San Chen

        :) I just wish you guys can hear my testimony… hahah

  • Mark Anderson

    Great film. Wanted to share it with anyone..

  • Katherine Stuckless

    This is the first time I got to watch one of Darren’s films. It was absolutely amazing! I was trully blessed. I loved how they were all led by the Holy Spirit and went into places that no man has gone before. Especially the Hindu temple, can’t recall the name, but it was mind blowing how the doors opened for the gentlemen to go in there unarmed! Jesus will make a way when there seems to be no way! I live in Newfoundland, Canada and I wish it could be filmed somewhere here so people can watch it and see for themselves that the Holy Spirit is real! Someone that was interviewed towards the end of the film had mentioned about “the day of Pentecost.” I believe there will be a day when that is going to come and I want to experience what they experienced at “the day of Pentecost”. I am so very thankful for having the opportunity to watch such an awesome movie! God Bless everyone that made this movie possible! I will be praying that the Holy Spirit will continue to work through you all to spread the Word!

  • Jennifer H

    Just watched Holy Ghost…loved it! I expected a lot and the Wanderlust gang did not disappoint. Here’s a little tiny coincidence. Just last week I got an idea in my head that I’d never seen “This is Spinal Tap”. So I rented it and watched it. So here I am a week later watching the “Spinal Tap” moment with Brian and Todd trying to find the door to the front area. I will have to say it was much more enjoyable and funny since I knew what they were talking about. Could be a coincidence, or Holy Spirit just set it all up for me to enjoy. :0)

    On a more serious note….Jake Hamilton….WOW….the annointing on his music, and how so many people were attracted to it without even knowing what he was singing!! I think that had the biggest impression on me. I can’t wait to share this and watch it with my friends and loves!!!

  • Mindy Hart

    Great Movie! I tried inviting a few friends over to watch with me, but non accepted. I live in a fairly non-charismatic area, so the talk of the cessationalist was particularly poignant. I hope and pray that they will have an experience that they can only attribute to the Holy Spirit working in their lives and take the chance to see the movie when it comes out.

  • Gerdi Wright

    This is a life changing movie! Mind changing number one-to God be al the glory! It is a great reminder of God’s love for us and how we can share that love-encourager for each of us to be brave! God speaks to is in different ways and He will use us differently too..be open for the Holy Spirit to minister through you and to you. Thank you for your courage. Our God is awesome. Thank you Jesus my God, my friend, deliverer, and my saviour* Let Your will be done..peace I leave you, not as the world gives but My peace that goes behond understanding

  • Sarah Robeck

    We’ve always been fans of your movies. After Finger of God, my husband was so moved he didn’t talk about it for two days afterwards. Anyway, we watched Holy Ghost last night in our home and invited a few friends from small group. We LOVED it. We are pastors in a small community, and have lived the radical Holy Ghost adventure ourselves, but to encourage our friends that there’s more out there left me feeling super pumped! Thank you for your bravery to give a message that people are craving to hear!

  • Debi Perce

    My husband and I watched Holy Ghost yesterday afternoon and were thoroughly excited to see this awesome film! Holy Spirit, as the lead Director of this wonderful experience did NOT disappoint!!! He has been an intimate part of my life for several years now. I can’t wait for this to come out in September so more will be able to experience it for themselves. I also was very happy to know that #2 is already underway! GO GOD!!!

  • Zachari R. Medina

    I was amazed of how well this movie was filmed artistically, the flow of editing, and finished with such craftiness with an extensive message. Christian movies have come along ways, and they are turning into something that someone who is in the “secular” can’t say…oh that “Christian” movie. Keep on doing what you are doing wpfilms, I can’t wait to see what you have next up your sleeve.

  • Dancita Denton

    Can I have Todd White’s permission to put, “Jesus didnt come to get you into heaven- Jesus came to get heaven inside of you” on a T- shirt?? It was so encouraging, The guy playing the guitar in the streets of India was like John the Babtist. I loved the guy who got his leg healed at the Buddhist park. I’ll be praying for them to have that seed watered and grow until thier earth suit shed’s away! I am asking The Lord to help me listen for the Holy sprit and He’s been so good to use me and to bless others on His behalf through me-I need prayer because Im a public school teacher and sometimes I feel like the work load distracts me from being open to the Holy Spirit!

    • Dancita Denton

      Oh yeah ! The real name is Ruth Westbrook- I am only using Facebook to promote a community Christian dance God put in my heart :)

    • Elizabeth May

      Keep on prayer walking through your school. I teach at a public school and God is doing amazing things. Salvations, baptisms in the Holy Spirit healings, miracles, encouragement, prophecies. All the glory to God. Miracles signs and wonders follow those who follow Jesus. Be salt and light.

    • RealMarcosMiranda

      He said “Jesus didn’t come only to bring you to heaven. He also came to bring heaven I to you.” Big difference there

  • Sharnae Lefloria-Daniels

    I stayed up late last night to watch it with my husband. This movie was so powerful. I have been Holy Spirit filled since the age of 12, but I learned new things about communing with Holy Spirit through this move. This movie also helped to remove some barriers when it comes to consistently praying for those I encounter so that they can have an encounter with Holy Spirit. I also loved that this movie helped to remove some of the limits I put on Holy Spirit and those he will use. It was awesome to see the two members from Korn and Lenny Kravitz share what Holy Spirit is doing in their lives.

  • Adam Shelton

    Me and my roomate watched the movie, and I’m just so excited for what God is doing, I have been fasting and praying for months now and I have become more intimate with Holy Spirit. I’m ready to see him break out. I also want to meet Todd White and just give him a bear hug. Love that guy!

  • Geoff Drummond

    My wife and I watched Holy Ghost last night. It was just awesome! Thank you for just being bold and obedient so what God does is demonstrated openly. I found the boldness of you all and the constant spurring us on to be bold and to be prepared to make mistakes in order to pursue God and to make Him known and famous, to be so precious! Gave a showing to our pastor.

  • Mandy

    I thought it was amazing!!! God is do good!!! I got totally wrecked watching the encounters you had and the people who were touched

  • Debbie Anderson

    i watched the movie last night. As I was watching, I was on the edge of my seat – i am usually falling asleep – LOL. My left forearm has been bothering me for a few weeks now – a constant pain/ache – as I was watching I rubbed my arm and asked the Lord and the Holy Ghost to touch and heal me. Just like that – a simple but specific request. MY ARM IS COMPLETELY HEALED – NO MORE PAIN – NO MORE ACHE. I am going to share with others for sure. ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS ASK AND HE WANTS TO SHOW UP AND PROVE HIMSELF. What a BLESSING!

  • Melva Hooker

    I watched the movie The Holy Ghost and it was truly awesome. It has so many exceptional parts that impacted my life. The one thing that stands out is that you have to take the risk in order to truly learn His voice from the other voices you may hear like your own thoughts. I know God will never ask you to do anything wrong. I know His voice and I submitted myself to being obedient to the promptings that He gives me.
    I can hardly wait for Holy Ghost Reborn. I commend you for being obedient to the Spirit of God and producing this movie. It is so imperative that we have that relationship with Him in these last days.
    Thank you for being obedient to the Spirit of God and blessing my life.

  • Mark Petrov

    This has truly opened my eyes on a lot of things!! I pray to God that He will help me grow and dive deeper in encounter the Holy Ghost!! May every single heart be blessed beyond measure that worked, and is working on this project!! Lords blessings to you all! Thank You!!

  • Natz Allen

    I watched it last night in New Zealand…watched it 3 times…and will be opening up our home for those that want to see in September.
    Thank you for the courage to do this film and see it through. It has reignited the fire and felt so challenged to seek out the relationship and spread the word. I was a huge korn fan before i became a christian and was frowned upon a lil because of my music choice so thank you to Head, Feildy and Todd for re-establishing the fact that “you dont need to be in a country club to be a christian”.
    Thank you thank you thank you for closing that gap and being obediant to Gods instruction. You are amazing.
    Natz Allen – who is totally amped to take this msg and run with it :)

  • Matthew Mooney

    Loved this movie. Thanks guys. Reignited a passion for me to be led by the Spirit and see him work and move in the lives of people to teach about the Kingdom of God. He is so awesome.

  • Chelsea Mills

    I grew up reading the Word and loving the Lord but being hungry for greater intimacy with Him. The churches my family and I went to weren’t sure how to teach about the Holy Spirit and so they would basically avoid it. The Lord taught me about the Spirit different ways — including through ‘Furious Love’, I began to walk in the Spirit and exercise the gifts. My family still avoids talking about the Spirit and they certainly don’t walk in it but I asked them to watch this film with me. We were all gathered in the living room, each of them got on a phone or computer or iPad, playing games, answering emails, or surfing the web as it began. One minute in to the film my Dad, who is usually the most attached to his phone, was totally focused in. Before the half way point of the film every one in my family was focused in. Seeds were planted. They got to see that the Spirit isn’t something wild, emotional or non-Biblical but that it is The Lord and He is Love. Praise God!

  • Randy Pena

    I really loved the film and enjoyed watching you all obey the Spirit and the will of God. The guy’s from the rock band allowing the Holy Spirit to work through them and bring others to Christ was awesome.

  • Caroline Steer

    I watched The Holy Ghost last night. I believe in the Holy Spirit and know I have Him dwelling in me. It made me feel so blessed to be in a church that teaches the truth and that I have that relationship with Him. What I mainly got from the film was RISK. I way too often stay on the safe side. This morning my 4 year old was singing “I have the power of the Holy Spirit” which she learnt at Faith Camp the other week and I suddenly felt very challenged. She loves this song, because she knows it’s the truth, she freely uses the power of the Holy Spirit within her, she has healed more people than I have and she will tell everyone and anyone about the love of Jesus. At 4 she doesn’t have that fear of getting it wrong or care what people think. Great film, definitely been challenged and it’s time to take RISKS.

  • Jason Carter

    This movie is great! I desire to live this way. The boldness of these guys is incredible. I want to see Holy Spirit transform lives, bring freedom, and healing in the lives of those He brings in my path.

  • LA W

    I was so stirred. I’ve been blessed to be saved and filled with Holy Ghost for over 14 yrs. I remember in 1999 getting filled with Holy Spirit. Everything was so fresh and new. I went where He led and did what He told me too. I remember bringing tons of military people to church. The rigidness of church administration stopped me from bringing people in my car. Because I was female they didn’t agree with me bringing males to church. I was so confused. Holy Spirit led me to ask them to come and man said no. I don’t know how many souls never came back because of that. My point is sometimes in the four walls if church and administration the Holy Spirit is forgotten and not honored because 3 services get the people in and out But what if the Holy Spirit wants to move. In my 14 years I’ve grown jaded with church activity but still zealous for the body of Christ. I’ve felt stuck but this film stirred that still small voice again and that no doubt will spark an overdue fire from within to bring the Kingdom of God to the lost without boundaries. Thank you for this film

  • http://www.rpmstrategic.com Gerald Duran

    Great experience watching this movie. My desire to encounter the Holy Ghost has risen. Thank you!

  • Sylvie Emond

    This movie gave me answers on how to pray, and just let Holy Ghost flow through me! I could feel Holy Ghost moving within me as I watched!! Hallelujah! Thank you so much for sharing the testimonies of our brothers as they yield the way to The Living Spirit of God!

  • Elizabeth

    We watched it last night. To be completely honest and vulnerable..when my husband said he wanted to watch it, I wasn’t dreading it, but I also wasn’t super excited like I normally would have been. I was fascinated with Father of Lights when I watched it last year and was rocked by the stories and Love. I grew up in religion. I hated it and yet always knew there was more because as a little girl I felt His undeniable, tangible presence more than once. I continued to wake up through the night last night dreaming and thinking about Holy Ghost. I can’t get it off my mind. It marked me.

  • kibby byker

    The dvd was fantastic and it’d be good for all of us who’ve watched it to be praying for God to prepare hearts for when it comes out big time in Sept – that MANY will be reached with the truth about Holy Spirit being so amazingly REAL.
    As I watched it yesterday, August 9; I was also remembering a harrowing ordeal that I went through 3 years ago to the day. I’d like to share it as a testimony of the power of the Holy Spirit in my own life and what happened after I began to speak in tongues.. If you’d like to, please visit a website my fried helped me with ~ http://www.Godmyrescuer.com – Glory to His Holy Name!!

  • Dudley W Bastian

    Amazing and Inspiring movie. A tear jerker! God is using it and other means at the moment to challenge me, as I ask myself, “Why isn’t my life like this?” Surprised though that you could make a movie about the Holy Spirit and not mention tongues!!!

  • Karen Sergey

    Just watched the movie last night. Today at church a woman told of a pain she has had in her shoulder for months that won’t go away. I stepped out in faith and spoke to her shoulder, the muscles and tendons in the name of Jesus and I felt the muscles release and I felt a pop and she was healed. Wow!! Praise God!! This movie was just the encouragement I needed to get going again. I’m so excited to be lead by Holy Spirit and bring His light, love and healing to a hurting world. Bless you all for making this film. Working on getting a showing in my church in Bethel CT.

  • Linda G Davenport

    I have watched “Holy Ghost” movie four times and I still want to see more!!! Every time I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence so strongly and I just want to stay there! This movie is inspiring, touching, moving, and so much of His Love pouring out into it! I am from Austin, Texas and I pray this movie will come here to reach the lost and those who are searching for more of The Holy Spirit in their lives. I pray that The Holy Spirit will move through this movie like none other ever before! I look forward to the next movie “Holy Ghost Reborn” because it can only get better!

  • Ann Bandini

    Thank you for your work. I feel your on the right track to take God out of the box, which God is doing all over the world…. so that our walk is not religious but relational… but I feel there still has to be a dynamic with less verbal ‘Christainees’. We need the tools to communicate to the non-believer without the Christian verbiage.There were three distinct times this occured. What you did demonstrate is what is happening if believers have a strong deep intimate prayer life the prophetic direction is then normal (not unusual) for beleivers to always be led by Holy Spirits voice and directives, I believe this will enforce that this is the NORMAL Christian life!

  • Paul Childress

    The footage of the Temple was amazing. This is a must see of not only people of faith. But for those that doubt God’s awesome power and authority.

  • Rachel Sack

    This pushed me to do the same in my community so I listened and heard the lord tell me to go to the big bi-annual childrens consignment sale where i would meet a woman in the room decor section. So I went to shop for kid items and shop for someone to bless. A lady actually made a comment to me first and we walked on, but I felt the Holy Spirit say, “That is the lady! Go bless her!” So after about 15 seconds of hesitating, I mustered up the courage and simply told her I wanted to pray a blessing over her (she had mentioned something prior about being a foster parent). Come to find out, her adoptive 3 year old daughter and her husband have luekemia. I was able to pray blessings over her foster care and speak into the leukemia to be gone. Then she revealed that the main issue is their house. A contractor had taken advantage of them and they had their house picked off its foundation to be moved into city limits (for foster care purposes) but the contractor ripped them off and they are without that home and renting a smaller home. She was brought to tears and we were able to pray for the Holy Spirit to come. I didnt see any actual manifestations or answers, but we both were touched and blessed by the Holy Spirit!! To God be the Glory!

  • max

    Just watched Holy Ghost for the second time… and just realized once again how GREAT our Father is!!! And that absolutely nothing is impossible for/with Him, we should just trust and believe in Him! And He will never do anything to hurt us or make us feel like a failure!! He is sooo very much inlove with each and every person in this world!! Man since I knew about Holy Ghost movie and been following all the updates on Facebook, I have learnt to understand what it means to have a burning desire in my heart!!! Man my the Lord bless each and every one of you! By this movie you have mad a massive shift in my life!! All praise goes to Him!!!

  • Jeff Hannibal Houchins

    That was fun and wonderful…funderful! My favorite part was the look on the guys face when God healed his knee. Epic! Very cool. Thank you! Yup, God is awesome indeed! Loved it.

  • Holly Clawges

    I definitely felt the Holy Spirit and the feeling was so powerful as I watched the movie.. Im so pumped up right now!The movie was so awesome,praise God for all He does. He is so amazing and this movie just goes to show that nothing is impossible with Him. God bless!

  • http://www.rebeccawithey.com RebeccaWithey

    My family and I watched Holy Ghost yesterday. My friend Heide (my best friend) decided to join us. I was wrecked with the two middle segments in Morocco and the Korn concert. I was a sobbing mess realizing that, though I am a believer, I had totally lost connection with my first love by the cantankerous grind of daily life. Because of this I had allowed other things to come in and replace that relationship. I may not be completely changed but my eyes are more on Him than ever before. I even started worshipping randomly in the shower this morning and started speaking to Him more. I want to experience the same love that was tangibly seen by the Holy Spirit through this movie.

  • Marie Herbert

    I loved this movie. The Holy Ghost Digital Movie was AWESOME! I wish that everyone would take the time to watch this movie and learn about our Holy Ghost. I had the privilege to watch it with my husband, daughter and grandchildren and they were greatly affected as was I.

  • Robert Whosoever

    I love ALL DW’s films and this is another outlet for the love of God to be demonstrated and taught to ALL that His love, mercy and grace are REAL and tangible. Darren has inspired me to become a filmmaker for Jesus- and with His help I have already begun filming for another documentary to help people understand more clearly what Jesus actually accomplished on the cross in abolishing religion and creating relationship. My main speaker is Pete Cabrera Jr of Royal Family International University and Joshua Greeson author of ‘God’s will is always healing’ I hope to interview Todd White and Darren Wilson as well but as with the rest of our filming and similarly to ‘Holy Ghost’ we are just waiting and trusting in the Holy Spirit to guide our film further. This film has defiantly challenged us to take our efforts to a whole new level in Christ and in future productions, thank you Wanderlust productions you guys are an inspiration.

  • Rodrick Daniels

    I loved the piece with R.T. Kendall. So much that I went and purchased his book to learn more about the Word and the Spirit coming together for Revival. As a minister of the word and a conduit of The Holy Spirit, I really appreciate the movie. Good job!!

  • Michael Cavanagh

    I could feel the tangible presence of God whilst watching the film e.g. the lady that got born again after being talked to in Venice, Italy!

    It was exciting to see how God has turned around the lives of Fieldy & Brian Head Welch!

  • Sharon Miller

    I’m now watching the Holy Spirit video. The presence of God is so strong in my left arm. My arm is on fire. I’m moving in the next dimension of God. So excited. I receive his anointing to allow his people to experience him in so many ways

  • Shelley Cowan Beck

    I am watching the Holy Ghost movie again withy son. He was totally into it but when they guys leg grew out at the Korn concert, he said Did you see that?? Did you see his leg grow!!?? Look what Jesus did!! I have never seen anything like that!!
    What a gift!!
    I was blown away by the boat in Monacco named Power of Love! The Holy Spirit movie is fantastic and the Holy Spirit himself is indescribably wonderful!! Thank you!

  • Melissa Henderson

    WOW! Just… WOW! I had tears flowing during most of the movie as I watched. To see God become so real and the Holy Ghost move so mightily is life changing! God has been showing me the courage he has given me and I desire it even more after watching Darren and his team go out fearlessly in the name of the Lord in order for all people to have a real experience with the Holy Spirit. Thank you so much for saying yes and making this video! I cannot wait to share it with everyone that I know or anyone that will listen!

  • Jewel D. Williams

    I watched it and I do not have words to describe the impact the film had on me. We watched it as a family and my prayer is first Lord, may the Holy Spirit move in my family in such a powerful way so that we can be an example to others. I want the power of the Holy Spirit to use me like never before. I am an ordained minister and I’ve seen how God moves. I simply want more!

  • Venetia Carpenter

    Just finished watching this movie. Powerful! I pray more movies like this will be produced and be played in movie theaters worldwide! I could actually feel Holy Spirit’s presence as I watched the movie! To see how Jesus used these men to display His presence to all those who came hungry and needy was truly priceless. Keep coming Holy Spirit!

  • Michael Oberle

    I watched it with a few friends of mine and it was so cool to see what God is doing in the heart of his people! It was such a blessing to see. I have seen all of Darren Wilson’s films and their all amazing! I love Todd White and Jake Hamilton! It was amazing to see you guys get into the temple in India! I talked to Jake Hamilton a few weeks ago and he told me about the trip but it was so cool to see what The Lord did! It has encouraged me to go and be risky!

  • Monica Caraballo

    This move reminded me how God reaches to the lowliest of
    people. The Holy Ghost did not send you
    to Hollywood or to the High Society. He
    led you to the ones who need a Great Physician, a one who brings a sound of
    rejoicing. It stirs in my heart to hear
    His voice and not look with the eyes but the heart. I pray that this will be and awakening of the
    ears of our heart, to hear Gods Heart. To
    go out to the byways to bring in the ones that is the outcast. Oh How Great the Love of our God Is. Thank you for your faithfulness.

  • James A. Ringseth

    My wife and I enjoyed the “Holy Ghost” movie. It was great to see the emphasis on the importance of Holy Spirits work on the world today. It is challenging to realize that believers committed to the work of God can anticipate God’s working through us as we walk in obedience to His voice.
    I had one concern: the background music was overpowering in many instances on the film. Being a person with hearing difficulties (and there may be many more in the same boat) it was hard to hear the vocal message because of the loudness of the music.

    Thank you for your sensitivity to Holy Spirit.
    Keep up the good work

  • Rhonda

    I needed this reminder of the power of the Holy Spirit! In light of all the evil that’s going on in the world, we need the Holy Spirit’s power more now than ever. He is our only hope in this fallen world. Thank you for reminding me that I still have that power.

  • Bobbi Jo Smiley

    Just finished watching the Holy Ghost. The beginning of the film was very moving to me. The other thing was that I had read Col 1:21-22 earlier in the day. The film brought full meaning of that scripture to my soul today…walking in the holy of holies of another religion would be humanly impossible, for two reasons…who would do this knowing the possible and probable consequence; and, there couldn’t be enough confidence to do this without supernatural power. The Holy Spirit enabled a man to walk through the very heart of a false religion, unharmed and unashamed. It couldn’t have happened any other way. He is our Jehovah Jirah. Thank you for making this film. To God be the glory, forever and ever.

  • Allison M

    I loved the movie. I really loved it. Darren, you are very gifted both in film making and in listening to God’s voice and reaching out in action. I already am a fan of yours and Bill Johnson’s and Todd White’s because of the work that you do. It’s hard to say which part is my favorite, because each time the movie documented a healing or someone’s heart being touched, my heart was touched. I cried a few times. Please don’t stop making these movies and I’ll help you market them! Much love to you all and blessings to you, as well.

  • Elizabeth May

    Where do I begin? I began praising and worshiping God for his worth early in the morning, inviting Holy Spirit to come and send His angels to fill my house befre friends arrived. We started watching at 2:20 EST New Smyrna Bach, Florida. During the first half hour, Debbie reports the fire of God touching her back and rubs which were injured in a car wreck last week. Mike had a closed vision of walking on water in the middle of the movie. I experienced peace as Holy Spirit took all my breath away then enlarged my esophagus, then filled my mouth with His Breath. Minutes later, I looked up to see Psalm 81 on the screen. Glory! We prayed over one another and worshiped for almost an hour after the end of the film. Leslie stood in the gap for prayer for her huaband’s back. He reports waking up pain free this morning. All the glory to God!

  • Elizabeth May

    We watched the film a second time with my pastor. He kept asking, “How do we teach to hear His voice?” We discussed how the prayer ministry lines up with core values and prayed that Holy Spirit would come have His way in our church. Today in worship, we had breakthrough in singing in the spirit, prophecy, and words of encouragement. A woman who was not at the film was overwhelmed by Holy Spirit and under the anointing, she gave the church an exhortation to listen to Him and to be obedient! He is worthy of all our praise!

  • Carolyn Scheele

    I watch Holy Ghost with a friend. We were both very glad that the various views of the Holy Spirit were examined so deeply. It was great to see people healed on the street. The part in Monaco was just awesome. We loved the part with Corn. People need to be reached where they are at and through their interests, so that was just super cool. I loved the part in India. I was in awe, I didn’t want the movie to stop. Thank you so much for filming the Holy Spirit’s movie! I can’t wait to watch it again!

  • Karen Godin

    Powerful presence of the Holy Spirit while watching this. i will be excited to see it again and better yet experience him in a deeper way as I step out in faith. My heart cries more Lord, More!

  • Diana Edwards

    I loved it! Watched it twice! Have such a better understanding of the Holy Spirit and who He is in my life. Each time I cried at the alcoholic who gave his life at the Korn concert. This movie shows what the Lord can do with a yielded person. It is my prayer that I will yield to his voice. I was blown away at Rashesh the high priest dancing and yelling freedom! That only proves to me that God can and will do anything HE wants to do! Darren may God continue to speak to you! No you are not crazy! Love ya

  • Liz Rhodes

    We had some friends over last night to view the premeire and were shouting for joy to see the evangelism going on at the KORN concert in Cedar Rapids! Because we live in Cedar Rapids and for years the body of Christ in our city has been unified in prayer and outreach here. Much prayer goes out over this place and as we watched the team minister healing and the testimony of Jesus, we felt that in some way the believers in this city prepared the way for that amazing moment. There is a boldness rising up as we intentionally and purposefully set time apart to wait on the Holy Spirit and then act on the leading that He gives. Thank you, thank you for encouraging us and we pray that this film will cause many to go deeper, higher, faster, farther than ever before, for the glory of Christ.

  • Catherine

    My friends from church got together and watched it. Many of the people present are currently doing an internship at church where they are discipled, taught, and given opportunities to prophecy/ heal publicly at our church/ other churches/ in the streets. They really resonated with the many words given about taking risks to experience success doing ministry in the streets.

    Also several of us began experiencing the Holy Spirit when Todd and the Korn members were praying over people before the concert. It was super intense and like we were there as the Holy Ghost was on us.

  • Katy Corn

    The movie was amazing! Through this movie I learned that where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. And the Spirit of the Lord is inside of me so I get to bring freedom to everybody!

  • Janice Kemp

    It is beautiful to watch Holy Ghost move in intimacy and wooing. To see people experience His touch and encounter the living God is more precious than gold and silver. The experiences unfolding while following Holy Spirit pull at my heart and encourage me to “let go” and desire even more….theirs always more. Thank You.

  • hulita

    God is so good..love it..thanks God bless <3

  • Sheri June

    My husband and I just finished watching the movie after having Will Hart, Jamie Galloway, and Brian Schwartz at out church for a conference this past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!! Feeling overwhelmed and passionate to encounter God new daily!!!

  • Jose Baeza

    Thank you for the movie! I talked to a friend that was unbeliever the next day and told him that the Holy Spirit was God’s presence on earth and wanted to touch him. He felt electricity all over his body and gave His life to Jesus in the car after we won a tennis game. It was so sweet how everything happened! Praise Jesus

    • Elizabeth May

      o/ I am rejoicing with you and the angels over this one soul saved! Alleluia! Heaven is in an uproar! Bear good fruit! I am praying for you both for discipleship. Keep bearing good fruit. I pray you Are blessed very soon with multiplication: the one you led to Christ leading others to Him. Give them souls, Lord!!! In Jesus’ name, amen!

  • Deborrah J Boda


  • RealMarcosMiranda

    In stark contrast to our radical, courageous, love based, and faith driven brothers who aren’t afraid to take it to the streets and hold God to the fire; I now see how ineffective, fruitless and powerless my Christianity has been.

    Darren, Todd, Jamie et al. have sparked an inner hunger to not stop until I’m doing the same works that Jesus did, and bigger…

  • LA W

    I was so stirred. I’ve been blessed to be saved and filled with Holy Ghost for over 14 yrs. I remember in 1999 getting filled with Holy Spirit. Everything was so fresh and new. I went where He led and did what He told me too. I remember bringing tons of military people to church. The rigidness of church administration stopped me from bringing people in my car. Because I was female they didn’t agree with me bringing males to church. I was so confused. Holy Spirit led me to ask them to come and man said no. I don’t know how many souls never came back because of that. My point is sometimes in the four walls if church and administration the Holy Spirit is forgotten and not honored because 3 services get the people in and out But what if the Holy Spirit wants to move. In my 14 years I’ve grown jaded with church activity but still zealous for the body of Christ. I’ve felt stuck but this film stirred that still small voice again and that no doubt will spark an overdue fire from within to bring the Kingdom of God to the lost without boundaries. Thank you for this film

  • Alisha Hunt

    Aloha just wanted to say I watched Holy Ghost last night and I was In awe of it all and a little teary. I get excited when Jesus loves us so much and the Holy Spirit moves in and around us. I was saved when I was in 4th grade, later fell away and 7.5 years ago recommitted my life to The Lord. I was truly blessed to see KORN on there and how they’ve given their lives to The Lord. I have seen KORN a couple times in my life when I was lost and confused and really just a drug addicted, alcoholic, abused young woman. If I were at one of their shows and I was waiting in line and Todd White and the gang came out and started praying I would have been straight tripping but at the same time I would have been yearning for that kind of prayer because I really needed Jesus. So I could really identify with those people because mostly people are so hurt and lost and just really need Jesus! I’ve also seen and heard Todd White speak and pray here on Kauai a few times in fact I was suppose to go today but other plans happened. I know he truly is a lover of Jesus and only wants that for everyone. He says that if you’re going through something or lost or whatever he wants you to truly tangibly feel Jesus in your heart in your life. He’s the real deal and not just like that for this movie out to go where Holy Ghost tells him to go and say what Holy Ghost needs him to say and pray for those that Holy Ghost wants him to pray for. Praise God for that divine appointment with the woman on the boat and thankfully people are listening to Holy Spirit and going in such a way of where led.

  • Mercile Martinsen

    I was Discipled 35 years ago In Hawaii where I received the Holy Spirit! I learned for two Years
    To read His word and Listen to his voice and step out when he led me! I made some Mistakes at Times but I have learned his voice ! I have seen the churches all Over the United States speak more against the Holy Spirit then for Him. I thank The Lord for your Video! Its Right On!
    I’m so Happy For The Holy Spirit! I pray through this, a revived Nation will come and see the Love of the lord Jesus!
    Its all about you Jesus! Love It!

  • Eric

    What a phenomenal movie. This movie was just gushing with the Lord’s love. No matter who watches this movie I believe they will feel loved. The only possible outcome is victory. The Lord is using this movie to transform millions of lives. Thanks to the whole team for putting this thing together. Okay I mean thanks for your complete surrender and obedience to the Holy Spirit :)

  • Vic Orrantia

    Mi esposo y yo vimos la pelicula con subtitulos en español (yeeeey!!) nos encantó, estamos acostumbrados a ver al Espiritu Santo obrar en nuestra iglesia local pero por mucho tiempo sin saber hemos creido que este mover es solamente para gente especial o que tiene un don especifico, cuando vimos el testimonio de Head y el otro muchacho de Korn nos dimos cuenta que ellos eran tan ordinarios como nosotros y que ahora Dios los está usando de una manera maravillosa, nos sentimos animados a buscar un mover del Espiritu Santo en nosotros y en lo que hacemos, nos dimos cuenta que no tenemos que ser pastores o evangelistas para ver un mover y para que Dios nos use. esta Movie está increible, luego que la vimos compramos boletos para otros tres amigos :) Que Dios los siga bendiciendo, nos han animado grandemente!

    • Daniela Becerra

      Queridos, cómo obtuvieron los subtitulos?… compré la versión para bajar, pero viene en Ingles :( Me pueden ayudar????

      • http://facebook.com/alejandrokings Alejandro Reyes

        abrelo en quicktime (preferiblemente en mac aunque en pc tambien funciona) y te vas en opciones le colocas subtitulos en español :) cualquier duda [email protected]

        • Kayla Iserman

          Hola Alejandro,

          You will need to install Quicktime Player on your computer to play these files. Once you have the file opened in Quicktime, Select “View>Subtitles” in the menu bar, and select your desired language.

          If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]! Have a great day!

  • Lilmisstruthseeker

    We watched this with a few other friends and were moved to immediately start praying for one another. We prayed that night, went to bed and woke up praying and fellowshipping the next morning, talking about the Holy Spirit and experiencing the JOY that comes from the Holy Spirit. It was and is amazing and a life-changer.

    The impact this film will have on me, personally, will last for the rest of my life. My relationship is always transforming with your films and I cannot wait for your next one to come out! I absolutely love the work Papa, Jesus and the Holy Ghost does with your
    work, Darren and everyone who is apart of your films! You are all
    extremely inspiring! Bless you and your families!

  • Delmalyn Hajal

    the part wherin Jake Hamilton went to india made me cry Jake Hamilton of Jesus culture went to the temple of Shiva in India.with boldness he begin to sing praise and worship songs and began to share the love of God to the point the high priest of the temple accepted Jesus. Signs and wonders followed.our God is awesome!!!!

  • Amy Landry

    My husband, 10 year old son, and I watched Holy Ghost last night. We were moved to see such boldness in the Spirit and the stirring of hearts. What an amazing thing Darren has done capturing an adventure led by the Holy Spirit. It really inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and share more with people I come in contact with on a daily basis, about Jesus, what he did for us and about the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Darren & friends who made this possible!! I am telling as many people as I can about this film and am hoping to help bring it to my area so that it can impact my community!

  • Julie Landers

    HOLY SPIRIT is sooooooooooooooo good. There is a revolution of Holy Spirit led believers who will change this world. Just as was said in the film He has an adventure for us, we just need to trust it is HIM and not us. Thank you so very much for this film and the cast of believers, I am excited to see what happens. thank you, thank you, and thank you for listening to Holy Spirit and sharing this wonderful exciting testimony of HIS wonderous love. Thank you

  • trojan1972

    Holy Spirit wants our availability and not our abilities because if we’re available, then our abilities come along with us. If we’ll take that step of faith, ie, risk, when we hear His voice, we’ll be blessed and be a blessing at the same time. Holy Spirit speaks more often than we listen so it’s imperative that we learn to listen because as Jesus said, “Let him/her who has ears to hear, hear what the Spirit is saying.” The fields are white unto harvest, but the workers are few. Let us become urgent and diligent workers in His fields of humanity that need to know the Father loves them and sent Holy Spirit to give them the power to lead the abundant life He has for them so they also can work in His fields and be blessed. Holy Spirit, consume us so that there’s nothing left at the end of our days except a sweet aroma of our lives given to you.

  • Bonnie J Foster

    Awesome! I have been watching some of Todd’s videos the last few months and have been totally wrecked. I watched this film and I am completely blown away. I have a burning desire to go and do street evangelism on a larger scale that what I do now. The Holy Spirit has given me a fresh new boldness. I go and tell people how much God loves them. Some one told me that things are caught verses being taught. I learned that when I went to Guatemala back in 2002. I love how one of Todd’s videos he got into the Dome of the rock and now you guys in India. I cried when you guys went to that one city with all the boats. That first woman who Todd prayed for and she gave her heart to the Lord was awesome. You guys coming across that woman who owned that restaurant and God was chasing after her and she gave her life to Jesus. I really cried when I saw the name of her boat and all those people at the concert. I just sensed the Holy Spirit’s love and anointing over this film. I have yet to watch your other movies but I will soon. When your friend went through the streets in India singing and playing his Guitar, that was awesome. I believe with all my heart you guys really was being used as a forerunner for the massive amounts of people who will be saved when this new revival and Holy Spirit being poured out to many. Your presence there was totally prophetic beyond what words could ever say. Many, many hearts were softened and ready to receive the gospel. I really see you guys doing this again to other places in the world. I see you guys going to places in Russia and Australia. I pray the Father will go before you all and make a way. I loved the movie very very much. I give it 10 stars!

    • Dawn-Rene Fort Martin

      I too have been completely wrecked watching Todd!

  • Sheri Miles

    As I watched I was “caught up” in the awareness that what the HOLY SPIRIT did throughout your travels is exactly what HE’S doing in my life in my own backyard…..HE has lots of assignments for all of us that are led by HIM into the depths…..thank you for the film….HE is “releasing” power on us as we “watch and witness” the film and are “trained up” into HIS likeness as you have modeled….blessings to all <3 <3 <3

  • Carleen Loreta Seidner

    It was really good!!! I was blessed and encouraged by the Holy Ghost Film!!!

  • Cory Edmond

    My first encounter with the Holy Ghost was when I was a junior in high school. About 3 years ago. I did go to church every so often with my family but God definitely wasn’t a priory in my life, I was following the world and what it had to offer. So I was sitting in English class and I use to always nap in class so I decided to lay my head down for a moment, then it happened! I was over come w/ peace in my heart and a heavenly, pleasurable, uplifting feeling all over my body. My mind and vision was consumed by a light that was never ending and all around. I absolutely didn’t want to shake this feeling! In the bright white light I saw a shadow or a silhouette of a face and automatically I knew it was Jesus. After a minute or so I shook back into reality and was encouraged to seek God more. The next summer I gave up drug dealing and was healed of anxiety and depression when I surrendered my life to Christ. Soon after I sought The Lord more and during a prayer from a youtube video I felt a huge burden releasemy shoulders and I began to fall into the spirit but not knowing what it was I shook it quickly and began to cry in joy and awe of The Lord for His presence and miracle!

  • Kurt Muller

    Incredible, well done Darren and praise the Lord. I felt like the Indian guys at the Ganges towards the end of the film Holy Spirit was gripping me, I was seated with a pulse of over 200 my heart was thumping. I prayed before church yesterday and God gave me a picture of someone at our church and so during worship I went to him and it turns our God knew his heart was ready, he gave his life to the Lord and Holy Spirit filled him. Thank you for these inspiring films, keep them coming! Blessings from South Africa <3

  • Tracy Kirkley

    hello from New Zealand ! my husband and I watched it last night, and the best parts we loved , were the street encounters with people , watching people reactions to the very natural way the guys shared the holy spirit with them, The look on the Indian guys face whose knees were healed was classic !! people couldnt quite make out the reality of Gods love and power, but there is no denying this street approach works, we naturally share what we carry, the power and love of God …. and people will respond.

    I thought the movies dragged a bit in the second half, like the point was laboured a bit long – , it could have had about 20 minutes edited out of the entire movie ( some repitition ) it didnt need so many celebrities sharing every little detail and insight they had. As I said earlier, best bits were those candid reactions from people on the street..More !! amen :-)

  • Melissa Lull

    I watched the Holy Ghost today with a friend at UCSD hospital where we host church service & pray for people who are critically ill, or have critically ill family members in the hospital. And a woman named Melissa came in to watch for about 30 minutes, she’s there because she is going to have heart surgery on Tuesday. While watching, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to pray for a new heart for her, so I told her that, she was surprised but said ok. So we prayed, she looked excited and I can’t wait to hear what happens on Tuesday! Praise God!

  • keytutor

    The movie was amazing. All of my family sat down and watched what God the Spirit was doing through the guys in the film. As a trained theologian I was so blessed to see the emphasis on having both the Word and the Holy Spirit as our guide in reaching out to a broken world. As I have always told my students what I received from my professor Dr. J. Rodman Williams at Regent University, “All Word and no Holy Spirit, you dry up. All spirit and no Word of God, you blow up. But with all of the Word and All of the Holy Spirit you grow up!” That statement of having the power of the Holy Spirit moving through us, guided and directed by the truths of the Word of God, has prevented Charismania on the one hand and Traditionalism on the other. Both end up being man centered and produce bad fruit. Charismaniacs want little to no discipleship and accountability in matters of truth.Traditionalists deny the power of God in direct contradiction to the Word of God. However, I want to be like the apostle Paul said, a “workman who can rightly divide the Word of truth” and at the same time to “not be drunk with wine for that is dissipation but rather be filled with the Holy Spirit”! In Corinthians he stated that Jesus is both the power and the wisdom of God. That is what we need today. Power coupled with wisdom. Being led by the Spirit and the Word brings us into the place where we can be transformed into the image of Christ and truly have us in Christ and Christ in us-the hope of glory! What an encouraging film and we are seeing its affects as we are even more bold to follow the Holy Spirit’s promptings to bring His gifts, His love and His Word to those he leads us to. Thanks Darren!

  • Mark J. Long

    Excellent! I love it! I’m telling everyone! Believers and unbelievers need to see this!!

  • Clay Luttrell

    I watched this film with my youngest daughter who is 2 and a half years old and is battling a genetic disease that has her hooked up to a lot of machines and unable to talk, walk and mcove much. We both loved it this movie. I am a Pastor in Wisconsin at a Pentecostal church and sadly it was with the sickness of my daughter that changed the way we all thought. As we watched and listened to HOLY GHOST I prayed for her and saw life in her like I never have. We pray healing over her all the time, it has been prophesied that she will be healed so we wait upon the Lord. But last night was awesome just to see the Spirit flowing as we sat there and watched Him working throughout the world in this movie. I cannot wait to Sept. 6 when I can get a huge gathering to watch it. These movies change lives and change the way Christians think. Keep up the great work, you are moving mountains with your films.

  • KristinandRob Lee

    Simply Amazing! Very inspirational and has challenged me to step outside the box and allow Holy Spirit to do as He pleases. #expecting a mighty outpouring all through the world as a result of this film.

  • Deanna Lamb

    Watched it with my hubby while on our 25th anniversary “honeymoon.” then, watched it with my kids, ages 9 and 20. Excited to introduce others to the Holy Ghost on October 7th as we show our community the movie in Bowling Green, Ohio.

  • Eveliz Vega

    Awesome documentary of God’s work here on Earth in this day! I was very inspired to go out and share God’s love and goodness over mankind. He wants to know us and meet with us where we are at!
    “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”- John 3:17

  • Moses Darko

    This movie is absolutely awesome and life changing. During service yesterday we were praying for the presence of the Holy Spirit and I personally prayed that I would experience him tangibly. I opened both palms and started asking the Holy Spirit to touch me. I began feeling this “tug” or pull in my right palm. It was as if someone had a string and they were pulling on the skin in my right palm. The feeling was very faint initially so I started saying, “more Lord, more Lord”, just like I had seen in the movie and amazingly, the feeling intensified. I was astonished. But it was just my right palm so I asked the Holy Spirit to touch my left palm too. And it happened. I experienced the same thing in my left palm. After service I told my wife about the experience as we were driving home. We had watched the movie together and so said she also wanted to experience it. I asked her to open her palms and we started praying. Then she said she felt some heat in her left palm. We both couldn’t contain ourselves. We just started giggling, and laughing and there was so much joy in the car and then we just went into spontaneous worship. Absolutely incredible!!! To God be the Glory!

  • Erinn Josephine Campton

    I feel a Soft Wind reverberate from within and I begin to sway,
    You’re holding me in Your arms tightly,
    The Power of Your Love is a force my legs cannot hold.
    My flesh is yearning to kneel before Your Throne.
    You are Holy Fire.
    Powerful Waters washing over me.
    A Living Stone beneath my feet.
    You are Home.
    You are Home.
    You are my Safe house and my Panic Room.
    When I stray from You I scream your Name like a lost calf.
    I plug my ears to your gentle voice
    then beg you to speak.
    I close my eyes behind a blindfold of my own making
    and cry out to see Your Face.
    But how patient You are with me.
    How relentless and powerful your Grace.
    Your dreams for me are beyond my wildest desires.
    The adventures and mysteries You have set before me surpass those of fairytales.
    You have crowned me with honor and called me your warrior princess,
    asking this weak and dirty vessel to be a hero here.
    Send me like Isaiah
    with the Fire of Your Mercy cleansing my lips and purifying my heart.
    To Your people I will Go,
    straight from the Alter of Sacrifice
    and from the Throne of Glory
    into a world full of brokenness.
    They seek You on every blowing wind,
    running desperate marathons to find You
    when You were there at the starting line with the open arms of a Father.
    My heart melts like hot metal at the touch of the Spirit.
    Bend and shape it into holy armor,
    for I am ready to Fight for the people You Love.
    I am ready to Fight for the King who Saves.

  • Richards Kakumanu

    It was a wonderful experience watching the movie. Take home messages from the movie were:
    1. Desire to listen to the Holy Ghost.
    2. And when He speaks, obey with child-like attitude(no fear, just do it, don’t worry being a fool, no pride)
    3. See the work of the Lord. Expect the unimaginable, unseen, unheard.
    4. Believe.
    5. Don’t lose hope.
    6. Praise the Lord.

  • Richards Kakumanu

    Today I prayed for one of our laboratory technician who had been suffering with leg pains so much that she had to take off from work. Prayed openly in the Lab with people seeing it boldly. Praise be to God.

  • Pastor Denis Compton

    We watched the premier with all of our leadership team in the Philippines. At several places in the film our leaders broke out in spontaneous applause and cheering. We were greatly inspired and determined to move in the Power of the Holy Ghost. We will be organising as many showings as we can after 6th September as we believe that this film is a brilliant evangelistic opportunity. Fantastic job everyone……..highlight……..Korn praying for their fans.

  • Trudi Doubleday

    AWESOME and POWERFUL video! The Holy Spirit is REAL and LIVING in and among ALL believers! God is GOOD!

  • Shyra Cornelssen

    Watched the film with my son. We both said, the movies get better and better each time! We can’t have enough testimony, inspiration, love of God and these movies, this one especially, do that for us. I think this movie (and Holy Ghost Reborn) will spur on the Body of Christ to be bold, to walk and love boldly in the power and the Name of Jesus Christ!!!

  • Barb Romkema

    First of all, Darren and crew, thanks for your hard work! We bless you for what you are doing in bringing this reality to the Christian and nonChristian world. I’ve watched all four of the movies and loved them all–but it always brings me back to my own frustration with the desire for the Holy Spirit to flow through me. We have many diseases/disabilities in my family line that we have been praying over for many years. So come, Holy Ghost! We desperately need your power and Presence!

  • Bre

    My group of girls who are in a ministry and are just about to embark on a series on “Holy Ghost” for the fall sat down to watch this. So much inspiration and exact same similar ideas came through from the video that helped strengthen the vision for our upcoming semester in this ministry. During the movie, the back pain in two of the girls became increasingly worse. After the movie was over, we laid hands on their backs as they were prostrate before God.

    We enjoyed a long period of prayer and prophecy, for their backs- families- and the future of the ministry God’s called us to. We experienced His tangible presence of heat and tongues- but more so we truly felt His delight. Thanks for the opportunity to have had such a night. Later that night, two of the girls had dreams that woke them up and led them to pray and intercede.

  • teecobb

    I am praying and believing for my son to be healed from Perthes disease and other issues….so grateful for watching Holy Ghost to build my faith in our present battle….please join me in asking Papa for new right femur for Jack….quickly. He is in lots of pain, only 11 yrs old and doctors suggesting hip fusion…..too much!

    • Elizabeth May

      Praying for God to send his angels to the parts room now in Jesus’s mighty name. God bless you. To God alone be ALL the glory!

    • Carolyn Long

      Praying for Jack today! God bless you both. Carolyn, Phoenix AZ

  • Robin Me’ira Lynne Cameron

    I loved this documentary and how Holy Spirit lead you all. At first I was like ‘why aren’t they saying Jesus’ name more’ but then Holy Spirit reminded me that He is the One who draws people to Jesus. We are called to love people and Holy Spirit does the rest. So I was enjoying the learning process as I watch you all in action.

  • Evelyn Sumner

    Is this available on cd now?

  • Pamela Loyd

    This film was so amazing. I have received healing and what they describe is what I felt. It was a physical manifestation I felt inside my body and such peace and joy in my spirit. This film blessed me so much that I have already shared what I thought with several friends.I believe the Holy Spirit is waiting on us to open our hearts and minds to His presence and purpose in our lives. I pray God uses this film to touch lives in my area and all over the world.

  • MissiMom

    The morning after we watched this, my husband was praying for the Holy Spirit to guide him into His plans, and he imagined us eating at a specific roadside BBQ stand for lunch after church, and engaging a lone trucker in conversation, offering to pray with him. He acted on this in faith, and it all came together amidst raging doubts and impulses to eat and flee before it could happen. The lone trucker who ate while we were there freely talked with us, but waved off my husband’s offer to pray for him. I should mention that all this is formerly WAY outside my husband’s comfort zone, and it was that day. But as we talked about it later, he was encouraged that he had acted in faith. We prayed for this man and his family afterwards, and trusted that even though we may never see how The Holy Spirit uses our encounter with this man, He will still use it for His purposes. We all have our own “God stories,” where we can look back and see the thread of people and circumstances that He used to draw us to Himself. So this is our choice, to celebrate a day of obedience, a day of “small beginnings.”

  • Ana

    wow…. this documentary really impacted my life …. i had problemes in judging people by their appearence… and after i watched it i feel like that thing in judging them broke !! It really impacted me in searching Him deep , and learn how to hear His voice… I thing what you did whit this movie is really important and i pray that many many people see this movie and impact their life , like our Daddy wants !!!!!!!!! Thank you very much .

  • Anna Johnson

    I spent two days trying to watch the film things kept getting in my way. Finally I watch it Monday morning. My,on the fence about Jesus, son comes in my room just as Head is praying over a concert goer. I show him. He says I was just listening to Korn yesterday. I told him the testimonies from the band. That was some amazing timing God. You never stop making me go…wow how did that just happen. Praise God that he allows us to come along for such wonders. Just an awesome time watching all your movies God. Bless all of you.

  • Vicky Guillen

    Completely breath taking; seeing the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the streets of the world. My husband, John, struggles believing the Lord can use him for HIS kingdom because of his past. Seeing/hearing “Head & Fieldy” ministered to him through the computer screen!!. Yesterday, was John’s first day serving on a Ministry team in the 8years we have been attending church!! We live in Sheboygan, WI and we want to bring a screening here.

  • Moma Jean

    I especially liked Todd White and the two ex Korn band members “Head “and “Fieldy” but I love how it ended in Varanasi India with Jake Hamilton – WOW this really touched me when he starting singing through out the city and crowds came as Holy Spirit drew them – The people loved His presence! Showed how powerful worship drew people in. “What does it look like what does it sound like when love comes to town? When love comes to town when love comes to town. Were gonna paint this big town red when love comes to town” – I lost it …so powerful! Just unheard of how they had such favor to go in these temples, only Holy Spirit could do that. Holy Spirit is alive and well in the hearts of many believers on planet earth.

  • reyna fuentes

    My fiancé and I watched this video and it just wrecked our lives…. We have watched all four movies now and we just hunger for more of the holy spirit. Your new movie Holy Ghost has showed us not to be afraid but just to listen to the voice and go for it. I am so thankful for servants like you. You guys have grown my walk with Christ, and the crazy thing is that I don’t even know you. Its so cool how God can work this way..

    Watching Toby White just minister to people where there at no matter what their beliefs are and just love on them, it just changed how I view sharing Christ to others… I always thought I needed steps to share Christ and point out their sins and fit Christ somewhere in there was who I was. But since watching your four movies has shown me that love is so strong that it can transform peoples lives… So I walk differently now listening to the holy spirit and see who he wants to encounter. Thank you a million times for being real. You don’t even know how its changing my life and my fiancé.

  • Håkon Horneland

    After seeing the movie we went out in the streets in our city praying for sick people. A professional piano player got healed from pain and stiffness in hands and fingers. 15 years of pain gone!!!

    • Ben J

      Wow, such an amazing testamony! Thank you for this encouraging post!
      It’s such a blessing to see people transformed by the lord’s healing power! Yeah!

  • David Aubrey-Jones

    Holy Ghost was wonderful, and so encouraging! I was glued to it all the way…….

    After watching it I went to our church service, and was
    drawn to a guy who nearly died 2 years ago having been thrown from a
    balcony. I prayed as in the film, and
    the Holy Spirit came in just the same way!
    He felt electricity, warmth, started to tremble and afterwards was
    woozy. Then I prayed for his shoulder
    and arm which had both been injured, and the pain seemed to go right down and
    he said it now felt like his other arm.

    Wow. Totally amazing……….. I have been so encouraged.

    Thank you

  • JenniferD

    Hi Friends, I’m Jen and I live in southern Wisconsin. First of all, I was excited to learn that my friend Alison C. (and Ben and Josh of Citizen Way…they are our pastor’s sons), know Darren and a couple of the other employees and they’re at Judson — it’s a small world! :)

    This movie has further convicted me that I’ve been “playing it safe”, and God requires us to be uncomfortable. He gave us the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, for a reason! While I thought I was doing a pretty good job of loving people, I’ve been convicted by the Spirit of just how far off the mark I’ve been. I was trying to love people in my own strength, within my own comfort zone. So according to Jesus’s standards, I was failing. Miserably. This film has helped me see that. My prayer is to rely on the Holy Ghost to step out of my comfort zone and love people with the heart of Heaven, as demonstrated in this movie.

    As far as a personal experience with the Holy Spirit…I have experienced him supernaturally quite a few times, but this one time, I literally felt his physical presence. He was a cool, soothing breath, and then about a minute later like a gentle breeze, both times directly in my face while my head was bowed, while sitting in a large cabin, in a circle with about 20 other high schoolers from my youth group.

    It was 25 years ago and I was a high school senior. We were at a YF retreat and the theme was on the occult. So on the last night, we were all gathered in a large group, and suddenly I felt an indescribable sense of evil enter the room. It was pure vile. No one said anything, but I could tell by the scared and confused looks on the other kids’ faces that they all felt it too. The evil felt so vivid and was so overwhelming that I’d swear it was tangible. A few of the freshman started crying. A couple kids later recalled feeling the “evil feeling” physical crawl up on their body.

    Our YF counselors, a pastor and wife team, instructed us to start praying. At the time I had no idea what this thing was, or what I should pray, but as I felt this evil presence coming onto me, with my head down and eyes closed I simply whispered, “God please make this go away”. And that’s when I felt Him. That’s when I felt the Breath. Instantly my eyes popped open and my first split-second thought was, “Who did that?!” But the answer was immediate clear when this supernatural peace washed over me. I didn’t understand at the time that it was actually the Holy Spirit, but I did knew it was from God.

    Then I started thinking, did I REALLY just feel a breath in my face, or was that just my imagination? About a minute later, I felt the evil presence closing in again, so again, I asked God to make it go away. This time, the breath was a little stronger, more of a breeze. Again, I lifted up my head and my eyes popped open. (I remember all of this like it was yesterday.) I thought, “Ok I KNOW I felt it that time!” And again, a peace washed over me that I cannot describe.

    A few years later I shared this experience with my pastor who just smiled. He said, “Jenny, do you know what the name Holy Spirit translates as in Hebrew and Greek?” I said no. He said, “Breath and wind. Just as you described.”

    There’s actually quite a bit more amazing “God-twists” to this story, but for time’s sake I’ll just end with this. As we all walked back to the dorms that night, I remember thinking how I wasn’t afraid to die because I KNEW that what I just experienced was just a small fraction of what Heaven will be like…and Heaven is going to be AWESOME.

    YES, the Holy Ghost is VERY real, and I thank God for Darren and the entire film staff for giving us this movie, to share with others, which reveals the truth of Him.

  • Annalee Reyes

    Loved it. loved it! The reason it was so powerful…and so powerfully filled with love, is because God led the whole thing. A beautiful picture of how Jesus operated on earth…and how we as the church are meant to live. In complete trust, letting the Holy Spirit have His way. To let go of self effort and control and to let His life, love and power (grace) flow! It was such a great way to reveal the difference between religion and relationship only! The Holy Spirit revealed so much to me while watching. A BIG “Thank You” to all involved. I’m sharing with everyone! Lord, let Your favor continue to manifest on and through all of those involved and open many new doors for them…In Jesus Name!

  • Child of God

    Awesome movie bro! Only thing that could have been added was to tell people that we can all operate in the gift of healing, phrophecy, words of wisdom, etc.; we are all anointed if we accept Jesus. Many churches do not teach this or if the pastor manifests the gifts he does not teach discipleship. Jesus said, “Go out and make disciples of all nations teaching them to observe what I have told you.” He did not say to keep it to yourself.
    I found it out by divine appointment. I was watching old Beatle’s footage on my ipad when Todd White popped up in the search to the right with a street healing video. I was thinking what the heck does that have to do with the Beatles. I felt compelled to watch it and my life has never been the same. I watched healing videos one after another for about two months, mustered up the courage to reach out and pray for people in public and was seeing 100% immediate healing right off the bat. The immediate manifestations of healings started going down when I listened to people saying that it was impossible.
    I quit listening to them and started standing on the Word and wouldn’t you know it, back to 99% to 100%. It is such a beautiful way to show people God’s goodness, which is what leads them to Him anyway. Sometimes I get to tell them about my walk, Jesus, etc. Sometimes I don’t; some sow, some reap, but God provides the increase. I just step out and give them the love that has been poured into me. God is love, if we do not love we do not know Him.
    I saw a lady in the airport the other day with a wrapped wrist and asked her what happened. She said that she had sprained it while showing her daughter that she could do a cartwheel. I asked her if she wanted it healed. She asked how. I said, “Jesus.” She replied, “I’m muslim.” I told her, “God loves you and it doesn’t matter.” I held her wrist and her eyes about popped out and she asked, “What’s going on in my wrist?” “God is healing you and He loves you,” I said. I didn’t even use the name of Jesus that time due to her being a muslim. Pappa loves her and Holy Spirit told me to pray for her that way.

  • Robin Young

    I was fortunate to see Holy Ghost on Saturday afternoon, It was a quiet day for my family, so I was able to view and then contemplate this film. I originally thought (BEFORE seeing it) that the best audience would be unbelievers, but AFTER seeing it I think that the greatest impact may be on the Church. The quote by R.T.Kendall that there has been a silent divorce between the Bible and the Holy Spirit was an incredible observation. Holy Ghost answered a lot of questions for me regarding Church culture and how it became the way that it is. I am now praying about the place where it should be seen in my area. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to see Holy Ghost. Be BLESSED in all you do!

  • Paul

    I thought the film was good, but not to the caliber of Father of Lights (that was special). I do love how Darren Wilson narrates all of his films. He helps bring people along for the journey. I also thought he did a great job of explaining the Holy Ghost as a person and he did a great job of explaining the different viewpoints. I think there is still some room for editing this movie down to 1 hour and 30 minutes. It seemed a little long and drawn out at times, maybe because there weren’t as many stories to follow along with like in the documentary Father of Lights.

    Btw, I watched Holy Ghost with a group of people (some of whom have never seen a Wanderlust film). At the beginning of the film there were a lot of interview cut-ins, but since not everyone knows these Christian stars (and their names weren’t in subtitles) many people were asking others around them for answers (like “who was that”). In addition, there are other scenes where the audio wasn’t great or the person speaking was hard to understand (bad English). Once again people in this audience were asking people around them what the person was saying. In other words, there was a lot of confusion that can be avoided and fixed with subtitles in many parts of the film before the official premiere. Additionally, please keep the subtitles up longer so people aren’t asking others (did you see who that was)?

    I liked it, but wouldn’t say I loved it. However, it might have been different if there wasn’t so much confusion with people asking who this person was, or what that person was saying, or what did that subtitle say, all during the film.

  • Terry Allen Gudde

    I watched this movie with my wife and got super pumped to just go out and tell the world about the Holy Spirit and his power.This movie really had a way of putting things into perspective.It gave me an unexplainable confidence to heal people. I’ve had Holy Ghost experiences before but to see people just like me (addicts and such) soo filled up,my heart just grew three sizes and I almost got something caught in ma skirt…:D I am 485 days sober today because someone laid their hands on me and prayed…At that time I thought “Whatever dude, this isn’t gonna work”… I tell you as soon as I thought that I felt a warm loving feeling,kinda tingling,,,really can’t tell you how I felt… The desire for Alcohol left me that night and I had no withdraws or nothing… Jesus took it from me… That burden since I was a teen. I soo can’t wait to own this film… Praise God for it///

  • Kymberli

    Watched Holy Ghost Saturday night, wow! While we were watching with a group of friends, my left knee was aching terribly, has been for weeks, results of ACL surgery 25 years ago. While the “deer in the headlights” shocked guy in India was receiving healing in his knee, I was feeling the Holy Spirit moving along the back of my calf. It wasn’t long before the feeling moved into my knee and suddenly the pain was gone. I laughed to myself, Jesus worked in my knee through a documentary! 2 nights later it still feels so much better, I could hardly straighten my leg without it hurting terribly. So encouraging to see people stepping out in bold faith like the first church, I believe, I’ve just never seen the real deal…or had it actually happen to me. Thank you, we need more. Praise the wonderful miracles of God!!

  • ResolutionMan

    If people will open their heart to the message here they will be able to unite both the Spirit and the word and do something that has not been done since the first apostles walked the earth. We don’t need a rehash of the past moves of revival, repentance, Pentecost ect. What we need is restoration to the ways of GOD and in doing so we will see all of those things not only come but stay. This movie may just be the catalyst to make that happen.

  • Jeff Calhoun

    I watched the film Saturday night with a dear friend who is on the fence, spiritually speaking. She could not take her eyes off the screen. She was riveted, and so was I. What an amazing visual testimony not only to the reality of Holy Spirit, but of his love, his power, and his wonderful work throughout the earth.

  • David Nitra

    Hi, my name is David Nitra, I´m 21 and I´m from Czech Republic (Central Europe). After watching this movie a few of us were just praying and praying. We were really touched by what is possible through God´s power. It is amazing to actually see it. We really want to grow up in our faith so we went to near villiage called “Hell” right after the movie. It´s funny I have never been there before. There is the sign saying “Kids can play even in Hell”. So we went to the villiage at 9pm and we were singing christian songs. There are only like 5 buildings and it is in the middle of nowhere so it was strange for that people that some crazy are going through it singing to God. They were coming out of their houses and watching us. We didn´t do anything more, we didn´t pray for them or something but what I really like about this movie is that it actually encourage people to do this kind of stuff by themselfs. Thank you guys for being example for us.

  • dollores

    Watching Holy Ghost has encouraged me to continue to pursue the risk in taking steps of faith in ministry to learn his voice more clearly, to dig deeper in my relationship with him, and to share him with others. I pray for his grace to step out of my comfort zone, and get more involved in community where I see is already at work, and to trust in his overriding power in my life. I am an evangelist at heart, and pray God sends me into the public square, as he sent you into India…to go where the government says no one can go, and to be a conduit (as Michael W. Smith refers) to speak life and truth of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Ghost in us, by His power and grace.

  • Apostle Sharon Carlton

    Hello my name is Sharon and I live in Oxon Hill, MD. I truly love the movie with all my heart and so look forward to Holy Ghost Reborn. I am so proud to have been a backer and I would do it all again! God is truly pleased by these amazing works. I appreciate this journey being lived out before me. Don’t change a thing about your process. I love it all!!! The movie is a movement and I am feeling blessed because of it!!!

  • Aiko Fujita

    From Okinawa Japan, the Japanese at Heaven’s Church waiting for DVD with subtitles.

    Holy Ghost movie was amazing ! I watched it the other night. And they extended it, so husband could watch it tonight. He was tearing up when Tod white spoke to the people at Korn concert in the hall. I loved it. I wish everyone would see it. HS is upending my theology. I can’t say not to go to rock concerts. Or that child molesters must die. Where are the rules? The rule of love changes the rules!

    The church as a whole is still not doing what Jesus mandated. So HS is raising up the youth, the poor in spirit, the rebels and outright invading into their lives. It takes radical prayer and HS boldness.

    Be radical for Jesus! It’s not about religion. It’s about a love relationship that is so radical!

    And the effect Holy Ghost Movie?
    I cried, I rejoiced, and I wanted to run into the streets to proclaim Christ.

  • Elizabeth May

    More, Lord! Since watching the film, God gave the gift of tongues and interpretation, release to give the interpreted message to my boss who then received faith for her back to be healed. At our public School faculty meeting that morning, I prayed for another woman’s back in the power of God’s presence. 3 days later a USF/UNF liaison served the faculty lunch. It turns out that he’s a pastor and The Lord had me prophesy and sing over him in the media center for half an hour. The next day, two of us teachers were left on the media center and conversation turned to praising The Lord, then worship, then declaration, then prayer. Holy Spirit had His way half an hour until a breakthrough prayer rose up in my spirit for my principal’s back healing. That night my pastor and I prayed for 2 homeless men. I got a word of knowledge for one man’s stomach and he reported all the pain left after the 2nd prayer. The other man reports electricity shooting through his broken arm as we prayed. They both came to church today and received prayer and more of God’s presence. Sweet Jesus! Today in church, a man who came back from a week at Voice of the Apostles testified that Roland Baker prayed over him. The fire of God came down and hit me physically with power every time he spoke the words presence, fire, and spirit. When I went to him for prayer, I hit the floor on my knees and heard the Spirit say “BREAKTHROUGH ANOINTING”. I bought a car battery after work from a satanist tattooed with 666 and an upside down cross. I blessed him in tha name of Jesus and invited him to the Freedom Experience crusade at Jackie Robinson BallPark in Daytona November 14-15th. To God be all the glory!

  • Jared

    I watched the movie the night it came out. After that, the next day i was headed to San Angelo to minister for my first time at a youth camp. The day i was going on the plane, the Holy Spirit divinely sat me next to a person who practiced Hinduism. Praise God after watching what they did it over joyed me that God set me an oppertunity to minister to a Hindu, so we had a very nice long conversation about God and life, and i was able to share the love of Christ with him. The last thing the Spirit had me say was, “Akash, I just want you to know, Jesus loves you no matter what you believe.” he said, “Yes, thank you.” Glory to God planting seeds for someone else to water!! 😀

  • Beth Grace

    What was the name on that boat again?? It was a really special name but can’t remember,..

    • Braden Heckman

      Power of Love!

  • Morgan Keri

    My name is morgan keri.i want to give thanks to dr.trust for bringing back my ex husband.No one could have ever made me believe that the letter I’m about to write would actually one day be written. I was the world’s biggest skeptic. I never believed in magic spells or anything like this, but I was told by a reliable source (a very close co-worker) that Trust is a very dedicated, gifted, and talented person,It was one of the best things I have ever done. My love life was in shambles; I had been through two divorces and was on the brink of a third. I just couldn’t face another divorce, and I wanted to try harder to make our relationship work, but my husband didn’t seem to care. and he brake up with me again.I was confuse and do not no what to do again,rather them to get in contact with dr.trust. He did a love spell that make my husband come back to me. we are now very much happy with ourself. dr.trust make him to realise how much we love and need each other.This man is for REAL and for good.he can also help you to fix your broken relationship. I had my husband back! It was like a miracle! He suddenly wanted to go to marriage counselling, and we’re doing very, very well,in our love life.contact email([email protected] or [email protected] tel:+234186885231)

  • emsmythe

    I have had 3 smaller showing of Holy Ghost in my apartment using my backer DVD. Each showing has had a major impact on those who watch it. I can only fit about 6 people besides me in my place, so they are indeed small showings. Each person is getting something different out of the film, questions are being asked, the biggest question being asked is “Well, it can’t hurt to go try this stuff, huh?” Oh ok, add an ‘eh’ there, we are all Canadians.

    Faith is rising – and practical application of that faith is skyrocketing. One bonus of showing the film in my place is that I am getting a lot of prayer I am disabled and am happy to be available both as a hostess and as a ‘test subject’. Ha!

    I have seen it 3x and am getting more out of it each viewing!

    A couple guys from my church watched it when it was online for a day. They have been heading down to local malls, street festivals and farmer markets since, going about their everyday lives but keeping their hearts open to Holy Spirit – One testified on Sunday at church some of the remarkable healings that are taking place – and the tangible gratitude most people have when they are offered the opportunity to have their pain taken away.

  • Tan Ken

    It was plain beautiful guys, sat down with my wife Angel to watch it 2 hours ago and before we played the show, I felt lead to include our new domestic helper so she could take a break from chores ( the considerate and godly employers we are , lol…)
    So while watching , I had a sense God wanted her to know his love,so I just waited for the show to end while Angel and I explaining bits of the “Christianese” ( apologies no better to word at the moment) to her during the show cause she’s Catholic and new to the country, just as a way to acquaint her quickly with the show’s content.

    It was awesome just seeing her moved by the works of the holy ghost, the healings and mass prayers, etc. She really felt the love coming out of the screen.
    The show had set it up nicely, so we asked her if she wanted to know Jesus and she said yes after a few emotional chokes! Our helper is now a daughter of God. You guys deserve a pat on the back. Best part for me though is seeing her pump her fist in the air and exclaim “I’ve finally found peace in my heart”.

    Thank you for making this available, we loved the content, craft and heart behind it.
    Please continue

    Ken, Angel and Lia – Singapore

  • Leon

    Leon de Jager
    I am from South Arfica and I watched the video on Sunday evening. Amazing! God Emmanuel – God with us, here now, through His Holy Spirit. I realized that God only works through His Spirit in the times we find ourselves and He works through us, vessels of clay, but manifesting His power through us. So soft and gentle His touch. No Thunderbolts and eartquakes, but silent, gentle love. I feel soooo humbled after witnissing how He works and open doors of impossibility.
    I am a teacher in a high school and am very much encouraged to allow the Holy Spirit to touch pupils and colleages through my hands and my mouth which after all is He’s.
    Come Holy Spirit, come in your power and glory and manifest your love to the people.

  • Bjorni Linza


    Just wanted to share a quick testimony after the amazing Holy Ghost premiere :)) :

    They allowed me and some friends to watch the movie at a local social bar, where def and mute people are employed and also def and mute people come to hang out. After the movie we prayed together with a group of 6 of them and 2 of them accepted Jesus in their hearts. After that, one of them who could hear a little bit from one ear, after having prayed for her 5 times, she started to hear also from the other ‘ex completely def ear’ and to speak much more fluently than in the beginning.

    In the end it was all full of love and hugs.
    By the way, this happened in Albania!!

    Greetings from here 
    You’ve done an awesome job

    Praise to Jesus for what He is 
    doing all around the earth!

  • Barbara Bergan

    The story from Morgan Keri shouldn’t even be in here, except to pray for her. she is praising the use of spells (a byproduct from saten).

  • John Fay

    So the “Holy Ghost Movie” was shown at one of our local theaters here in Grand Junction, CO tonight! We had about 75 people attend and the response was amazing!

    Afterwards a time of prayer was offered and opened to those who needed prayer for absolutely anything. We saw people being healed from lifelong migraines, people being healed of various ailments, people’s legs being healed and growing out even, people being renewed in their faith, backs being healed… it was so encouraging to see the Holy Spirit fill the place and fill people with His love!

    Overall I’m feeling incredibly encouraged and humbled at the thought and action of the King inviting me to join into prayer encouraging others, seeing lives being changed, and witnessing the Holy Spirit love people as they enter into communion with Him and His spirit engulfs them! I mean seriously, I pray for someone and God literally heals them! It’s insane to have such real communion with the King available to all of us that He would use us in such an amazingly meaningful way in the lives of those around us!

    The Kingdom of Christ is alive and very real! And the best part is that you, yes you, have access to this! Please don’t miss out on the gift that is freely given to you and is far-and-beyond any gift you will ever receive.

    Thank you Darren Wilson for daring to take a chance and trust God’s plan for your life and work! You have inspired and encouraged others to be bold and be brave!

    Hey you, don’t miss out on all that God has for you…

    -John Fay

  • David Sharma

    I’m David Sharma from Nepal currently living and doing my study in South Korea. I was waiting to watch Holy Ghost movie since it was no where around my city. I’m so enthusiastic to see how God is working around the world and how he is using his people to expand his kingdom. I downloaded movie today and I started watching. My heart was full of joy and excitement and seriously I was joining in prayer when Todd went to concert hall and prayed for other people. I was putting my hand with them and I felt I was there. Coming from Nepal I know how it means to understand the power of Spirit and His love for us. It is just WOW and WOW. I was crying with joy because of his love for so many people and he was revealing in their live. I’m struggling with pronography and a lot of stuffs. I felt those things went away and they are not in my heart and my mind. I feel the reason I live is to join His Kingdom to extend His glory. I being to get loved by him after long time. The scenario of Temple visit in Varanashi touched me a lot. God made idol spirit on shame. He gave freedom and I declare FREEDOM in INDIA and NEPAL from idols and demonic spirit. He is in move and I’m asking to feel him and to hear his voice even in audio form. For couple of weeks this has been my prayer point. I want to go out and pray for people and share his love as he loved me. This movie is just amazing. It opened my eyes to love God and people more and more every single days of our life. I’m thinking of showing it in my guys accountability group in church. I pray and ask your prayer as well God may set his children free from strongholds and give them his peace and joy into their heart.

  • Lauren Jobe

    I just wanted to say my deepest thank you for this film and your willingness to follow the Holy Spirit! It has so blessed my life. Since seeing the film, I have started praying for healing over people. I’ve seen people healed of various things through the His Spirit and some have started praying over others too. Praise God, He is so awesome!

    • Kayla Iserman

      Hi Lauren,

      Thank you so much for sharing! It’s always encouraging to hear how God works through our films!

  • Stephanie

    I’ve been working with a Dallas jail ministry for women for 2 years now bringing math and reading sheets to further their education. I’ve been a big fan of all your movies, but after watching Holy Ghost, I knew I had to bring this movie to them. They absolutely loved it! I’ve had several testimonies of women praying and receiving the Holy Spirit afterwards.

    This movie has given me the boldness to start asking the women if they need prayer for anything. In just the last 3 visits, I’ve prayed for probably 25-30 women. Mainly we pray for the Jesus to show them His plan for them and give them peace and comfort, but I’ve also seen Jesus heal a hurt, swollen knee (that made the woman limp) become painless with no limp after 2 prayers and a woman’s painful, irritated eye (needing a patch) become totally fine. The lady with the eye also got a direct answer as to where she should go once released after we prayed whereas before she was feeling very helpless and confused as to what to do.

    I’ve had several other woman tell me how God has answered the prayers later and how excited they were about it. I can’t tell you what a breakthrough this has been for me as well in terms of stepping out in faith to pray for people. It’s so exciting to see Him touch them so directly right then! Thank you so much for saying yes to God about these movies.

    • Kayla Iserman

      Hi Stephanie,

      Thank you so much for sharing all that God has done and is continuing to do through our films! It encourages us to keep doing what we’re doing! Thank you for being a faithful vessel in that jail and for bringing daughters back to their father! You are loved!

  • Henry Hastings

    After watching Holy Ghost my 90 year old dad asked to receive Jesus and be filled with Holy Spirit! His countenance has totally changed!! Here’s the full story:

    When I was born again on December 14th, 1991 I assembled my family members to tell them that I accepted Jesus as my Lord & Savior. With my bible in my lap I preached my first sermon and invited my mom, dad, and sister to receive Christ. With tears streaming down my face I encouraged them to believe with all my heart. My mom started crying and my dad said to her, “Don’t worry honey, this will all wear off in a few weeks”. I prayed for my parents’ salvation for years. When I was in seminary they divorced after 45 years of marriage. My mom accepted Christ around 2008 when I gave the gospel invitation at the church I pastored in Atlanta. So much for my Jesus experience ‘wearing off’! Dad though was another story, he was entrenched in Christian Science – a religion that does not believe in the deity of Christ and convolutes what the Bible has to say about sin, salvation, and our savior – he was also on the board of his church.

    Through a series of events with my dad’s health, God moved my wife & I to California for the coming revival. Then God asked me to move my dad in with us, so we moved to a home that would accommodate him. The day we picked him up from the nursing home he cried tears of joy. As I promoted the showing of the film Holy Ghost at HRock Church in Pasadena, CA I knew that dad was supposed to attend and God paved the way.

    After the film, my wife and I had the privilege of leading him in prayer to receive Jesus as his Savior and be filled with Holy Spirit. It’s been 23 years since I first sat him down to share the Gospel in that Newport Beach home I grew up in – and 23 years later he believed. I am so thankful to Jesus for what He did last night – and want to encourage you to never give up – God will do it! And to know that you will see your loved one in heaven, makes it worth it all! Thank you Darren & Crew for being led by Holy Spirit. Blessings!!!

    • Kayla Iserman

      Hi Henry,

      Thanks for sharing! God is so good!

  • Daniela Becerra

    Queridos, acabo de comprar en linea la versión para descargar y viene sin subtítulos en español. ¿qué puedo hacer?. Me pueden ayudar???

    • http://facebook.com/alejandrokings Alejandro Reyes

      Abrelo con Quicktime (la lectura en algunas frases largas es mejor en mac, en pc en 3 ocasiones se apeñuscan pero funciona) entras a opciones y buscas subtitulos, cualquier pregunta me escribes [email protected]

    • Kayla Iserman

      Hola Daniela,

      For the digital download you will need to install Quicktime Player on your computer to play these files. Once you have the file opened in Quicktime, Select “View>Subtitles” in the menu bar, and select your desired language.

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]! Have a great day!

  • Waylon Hall

    I rejected Christ and became a Muslim. Several days later my life was FOREVER changed when I got filled with the Holy Ghost sitting on my couch in my living room. Its a long story, but I knew right away God had called me to ministry. Jesus is so good and the Holy Spirit testifies on behalf of Him.

    • Kayla Iserman

      HI Waylon,

      Wow, that’s amazing! God is so good! Thanks for sharing! Be encouraged, you are loved!

  • Chadd

    I was, in part, introduced to the miraculous through Father of Lights (previous movie by same producer). I looked up Todd White to see if he was a phony.
    What I found was a guy well grounded in the word and filled with more love than I had ever seen. So I took him seriously and tried praying for healing. Months later I see healing every week and signs as well after seeing this movie. I have one recent story I would like to share. I go to an after school church for inner city kids every Friday at a BAPTIST church. There we teach, play, worship, and eat with the kids. I prayed for one kid whose arm was in pain. The second time we prayed the pain left, he put down his ice pack and went about as normal. Later that night another kids’ ankle was hurt. I prayed and asked him to check his ankle, he began to freak out and was in shock. I softly calmed him down and asked him if he knew what happened. Before I could explain, the kid who received healing early that night whom I did not know was next to us said “Jesus loves you, he helped me with my arm too”. Know I continued to explain, however I don’t think I could have said it better. That child with a simple faith understood the that simple message that we so often say, but for him it was real. Later I was humbled and began weeping with joy at the thought of what God did in the hearts of those children. What took me 22 years to understand they got in one night. It was so beautiful. Something else I should mention, these kids are not nice to each other. They have been raised in tough environments and It is awkward to say Jesus loves you. PLEASE SHARE

  • Boszenna Nowiki

    By watching Holy Ghost movie, came to me an idea – if Holy Ghost can change some very bad notaries and those who stole houses from widows. I’m ready to go to them with someone and cameras and Holy Ghost and change them from stealing to giving away their own house (my notary owns lots of houses). I know the power of God. Six years ago my land was stolen and survival rights corrupted by thieves… lots of them…. they closed me in the vicious circle and I had no exit, no hope for truth. I was ready to kill. Small spark of other idea told me to pray. I asked: “Please, God help me”. Immediately came a very clear answer straight to my heart: “You are helped.” Hmm, I expected that God will tell me that He will kill, all of them…. Okay, I forgave my thieves and try to learn love my enemy. Holy Ghost changed me. Can Holy Ghost change my notaries, land title office corrupt registrar and bribed lawyers??? The victims are elderly widows…….. more to tell…..I do not get back my land yet but I asked again Holy Ghost for help. Within short time I had a vision: the land title office responsible for helping thieves by corrupting documents was flattened, roof touching the ground and 3 white pillars rose from that, beautiful clearly white. This happened just yesterday, the vision still is very clear. I hope soon truth will surface. God Bless you All. Boszenna Nowiki, 60 years old widow.

  • Boszenna Nowiki

    After watching Holy Ghost movie I was so excited and ready rock the world but my life was very slow, so I pray to God to help me to do something in my life. I asked, “why it is going everything too slow! God, why? Holly Spirit, help me!!!!!” That night I had a dream: “I was driving a bicycle…. very slowly…. I start complain: “Why so slow? I want get to town faster! Suddenly, ahead of me, a huge pile of rocks and a roof of some huge building fall down on the road. At this moment I realized – if I went faster, I would be in that exact spot…. killed. Wow, it was so clear answer of Holy Ghost why I was going too slow. God Bless you all. Boszenna Nowiki from Canada.

  • Jeziel Andersen

    loved the movie, definitely sparked a fire in me. Bring out more.

  • Evie

    A girlfriend of mine was watching the movie, having never had an experience with the Holy Spirit before, and said as she watched the guys pray for people on the street, she felt everything they prayed! Then, as she got up to go to bed, her back was healed!!! Just from watching the movie!! Praise God for changing her perspective and understanding of the Holy Spirit through your movie, Holy Ghost!

  • Simply Seeking God’s Wisdom

    Recently, the Spirit lead my wife and I to helping a couple who was struggling with their marriage. During this time, God did something amazing. Below is not my story but His.

    When my wife and I were at a church Christmas party a friend of mine came up to me and said, “I really feel like God wants me to tell you this story to give to someone else.” Now, I have heard many times the line “God told me to tell you” and it usually makes me apprehensive. However, this friend and I have a strong bond. His story was him being stuck in a burning building and being lost. Not knowing what to do God helped him remember how and where he entered. He took him back to the beginning. This helped him find his exit and safety. The specific word from the Lord was “return to the beginning.” I then told him that the word that was given to him was for a friend we were helping. He stood baffled. I am not sure he was used to the Lord speaking through him (insert big smile here)….

    Armed with this word from the Lord I convinced the husband to meet me for dinner. During dinner we had multiple discussions about Christ’s example and how He showed us how to have a great marriage. Near the end, I delivered the message which sent him into tears. He affirmed that he would try and we parted ways.

    It seems that this affirmation did not go far and many arguments in-between her and him happened after that. He became cold and unwilling to speak. Until a few Saturdays ago they came to our house in the middle of a fight. We all sat and talked again about Christ’s example and how he showed us how to have a great marriage. Then I gave both of them the word that had came to me. Again, they both cried and agreed that the Lord knows best. That they would try to instill this into their marriage.

    The word became a focal point. Arguments continued and tension was high. The husband left angry for work one Sunday morning. The wife feared the marriage was over. And then…. On Tuesday morning, we received a call from a neighbor that their house was on fire. My wife and I left right away and stood with the wife as most everything was lost.

    Later that night, the husband returned home from another state and looked me in the eye. He said, “I think God is telling us to start from the beginning. I just never thought He meant literally…” My wife had asked them to read together the letters they kept from when they were dating. All of which, is now burned. They are at the beginning now and must lock arms to continue to put their lives back together.

    We (I) had witnessed an Ananias and Sapphira event. I will be honest. I had reservation about that story. I had read it many times and just assumed that we lived under grace since Christ had died for us. But, God cares so much for His children that He will gently nudge us back into His righteousness.

  • william

    hi guys, some of you said that you watched the holy spirit. what do u mean with that? is it a video or something please explane it to me, i want to get closer to god!

    • Houtman

      Hi. Well, the movie is called “Holy Ghost”, it’s Darren Wilson’s 4th movie (without script), lead by prayer. The Holy Ghost is also called Holy Spirit in the Bible. I think the only way to view the full movie is to buy it i guess. One of the christians in the movie is this man:

      Todd White and Dan Mohler have great free teachings online about how to walk with God, from a place of knowing Him, (not necessarily feelig Him).

      God Bless & Bless God 😉

  • John

    I prayed mat 12 34 O generation of wipers how can he being evil speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speakers. Lord let her not be able to stop what’s in her heart, across the media. The next day on the radio while discussing Mericans being held hostage by pirates, Hillary was laughing at a meeting loud, uncontrollably. The radio newscaster said Put a straight jacket on her. He didn’t know it was the word that upholds everything. Hebrews 1 3 Who being the brightness of his glory and the express image of his person upholding all things by the word of his power.

  • John

    In the fall of 03 or 04 after receiving Mat 3 11, on a job a Presbyterian woman was trying to change the Lord’s words of a Presbyterian preacher, immediately my Spirit was greased for the words sake and I instantly prayed. Lord if the preacher is bowing down to this? I pray you bring down you’re mighty right hand and that they hear from you! Exodus 15 6 Thy right hand O Lord is become glorious in power they right hand O Lord hath dasHed into pieces the enemy. Acts 4 20 For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard. A few days later on the radio, a Presbyterian preacher looking at the congregation said, Follow Jesus and yielded up the Ghost at the altar! Acts 5 5 And Ananias hearing these words fell down and gave up the Ghost and great fear came on all them that heard these things.

  • John

    At work they were discussing, broke back mountain, a gay cowboy movie false idol. That night I sought a supernatural intervention, praying the word that upholds everything. Isaiah 2 18 And the idols he shall utterly abolish. It did not return void. Isaiah 55 11 So shall my word be that Goethe forth out of my mouth, it shall not return unto me void but it shall prosper in the thing where to I send it. Romans 12 19 Dearly beloved avenge not yourselves G5117 Own Conceits, but rather give, G1325 Place, Have Power, Smite, G5117 Opportunity Unto Wrath, for it is written, vengeance is mine I will repay faith the Lord. If it’s the Lord’s word, his will, then it’s his vengeance. That’s why we must take Bibles, his will to the prayer room and pray the mind of Christ! Not save our seat with it! 1St John 5 14 And this is the confidence we have in him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hearth us. Later in the prayer room, I showed my brother Isaiah 2 18. He wasn’t receiving it and that stirred up the gift of God within me. 2 Tim 1 6 Wherefore I put them in remembrance that thou stirred up the gift of God which is in theme by the putting on of My G3450 Mine Own Hands G5495 Grasping Power, The Lord’s hands. This time I prayed Isaiah 2 18 with no intended direction, simply faith it would not return void. Next day I heard Michael Jackson, yielded up the Ghost, a worshipped, false idol.

  • John

    After telling my brother about praying for the Lord to show a Muslim what he needed to see in a dream, because of hearing the Lord was working through unbelievers in dreams. I didn’t know till later, this time what eternal truth scripture it was connecting with until reading. Job 7 14 Then thou scariest me with dreams and terrifies me with visions. The Muslim was really shaken the next day at work and questioning his faith and refused to tell what he had dreamed. Mal 3 6 For I am the Lord I change not.

  • John

    Psalms 103 21 Bless he the Lord All his host, H6635 Ministers Of His That Do His Pleasure. Pray his pleasure from Genesis through Revelations. We were created for His Pleasure. I opened to Job 7 14 knowing the Lord had moved on that scripture before, wait a minute, is that faith? I pointed to it in the prayer room, again my brother shook his head. And the next day I heard while riding with my brother on the radio. A false idol from Merica, hung himself in Europe. Job 7 15 So that my soul choosers strangling and death rather than life.

  • John

    While listening to a Perry Stone c.d. on if a believer mocks another believer about their children, the Lord will let the same thing happen to their children. Pressure at the gate was hot about abortion judges, it came to me to pray, Lord lift whatever hedge you have around a pro abortion judge, bring a recompense, fervently prayed. While praying the Lord showed me a vision of a cemetery. And I prayed Lord there aren’t any gravestones for the unborn, whatever you do do it for you’re glory. I heard on Perry Stones next message of the month CD that an airplane out west with children of an abortion clinics buildings owner, crashed into a Catholic cemetery, close to a gravestone for the unborn! Jeremiah 33 3 Call unto me and I will answer theme and she’s theme great and mighty things which thou Knowles not. Psalms 141 6,7 When their judges are overthrown in stony places, they shall hear my words, for they are sweet, our bones are scattered at the graves mouth. Numbers 14 18 Visiting iniquity of fathers upon children unto 3rd and 4th generation.

  • John

    I heard a Texas preacher on the radio and thought he sounded Baptist, He had been to 3 or the best specialist and looking his voice and about to quit preaching. I prayed, Lord heal him in front of witnesses, for you’re Glory, when he speaks a word, by faith. LEFT the Word he would speak up to the Lord. 1 Corinthians 13 12 We know in part. So I pray in part and the Holy Ghost teaches me. Mat 6 7 pray use not vain repetition as the heathen do. I heard the same Baptist preacher on the radio. DenOMINATION means division. Mar 3 25. He said he wanted to quit, his flock said no. He quit preaching and his wife got a job. He was at a school he used to go to , speaking as best he could. He said I’m in a horrible Pit. The moment he said Pit, that the Lord choose, he was suddenly healed and they played it on the radio, with people clapping. Give the Lord Glory.

  • John

    I prayed hard one night for the Lord to put a vision between Obama and his image making teleprompter. The next day he was late for speaking and only spoke of his childhood. Rush Limbaugh was trying to figure that one out on the radio. 1St John 2 18 Little children it is the last time and he have heard that anticristShall come even now are there many antitrustWhere by we know it is the last time. And Rom 1 23 My faith was blazing. Isaiah 43 19 Behold I will do a new thing it shall spring forth, shall he not know it? I prayed Do New Thing Lord, and Obama’s image making teleprompter caught on fire! The Lord cracks me up sometimes. One man on the radio said it got tired of telling lies. 1 Kings 15 13 And also Maachah his mother, even her he removed from being queen, because she had made an idol in a grove and As a destroyed her idol and burnt it by the brookKidron.

  • John

    I saw an angry man parked by a bus stop on the Scioto River, started witnessing to him and he talked about Islam being peaceful. Instantly I prayed, Lord shine light on that! Sometimes I just pray out of the full counsel of The Holy One Of Israel’s Word, and other times it just comes out. Job 10 3 It is good unto theme that thou should eat oppress, that thou should eat despise the work of thine hands and Shine Upon The Purpose Of The Wicked? The next day on 880 AM Christian radio Bob Bernie talked about the main Muslim leader pushing Islam as peaceful cutting his wife’s head off! Hey Hillary this is the war on women!

  • John

    Psalms 21 2 Thou hast given him his hearts desire and hast not withholding the request of his lips. At a Spirit filled Church I was desperate for the Lord to speak the mind of Christ through my tongue. Romans 8 26 for we know not what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit itself market intercession for us with groaning which cannot be uttered. And a Kentucky Pastor, taught by the Master, Spoke, Some Of You Are Going To Speak In Tongues Like Never Before. It started Suddenly, Hit Loud, Like angelic communication. I’ve never heard anything like it before or since. App. 45 seconds, my mouth or tongue could not effect it. It was on its own. A woman beside was on her face in tears and Suddenly it stopped. The next day, I heard Muslims were on their pilgrimage to Mecca and instead of stoning Jews, they stoned and killed each other! Jeremiah 20 11 But the Lord is with me as a mighty terrible one, therefore my persecutors shall stumble and they shall not prevail, they shall be greatly ashamed, for they shall not prosper, their everlasting confusion shall not be forgotten.

  • John

    I prayed Psalms 35 26 Let them be ashamed and brought to confusion together that rejoice at mine hurt, let them be clothed with shame and dishonor that magnify themselves against me. The next day Mahid Khan turned himself in on 911 plea deal. A right now word, America.

  • John

    One evening while reading Job 37 3 it quickened in my Spirit. Job 37 3 He directory it under the whole heaven and his lightning unto the ends of the earth. So I simply prayed, Lord direct it at the enemy and start at the top. The next morning as soon as I turned the radio on, The National public radio station transmission tower has been blown out by lightning! The Holy Ghost will teach you all things. The top of the Prince of the power of the airs domain. Ephesians 2 2 According to the Prince of the power of the air, the Spirit that now workethIn the children of disobedience. PHP 2 13 For it is good which workers in you, both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

  • John

    I also prayed for the Lord to send a Spirit of confusion upon false idol Britney Spears. It came to pass the next day. Jeremiah 50 2 Declaire he among the nation’s and publish and set up a standard, publish and conceal not. Say Babylon is taken, bel is confounded, Meridach is broken in pieces, her idols are confounded, her images are broken in pieces.

  • John

    I prayed for the Lord to she’s Bill Clinton what he needed to see and that he would tell someone what he saw. Then Perry Stones next message of the month CD, his ways are not our ways, told that Bills heart stopped long enough for him to see a hooded creature. He prayed and it went away. Luke 21 26 Mens hearts failing for fear and for looking after those things which are coming upon the earth for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

  • Christopher vrachimis

    Hi my name is chris I just went into my room shut the door and kneed down and said here I am holy spirit and the I felt heat around me and from within my being I felt like a vibration building up and I started to really cry deep and then deeper and then sounds came out of my mouth like groaning deep and my tears and my deeper groaning and much more deeper crying it felt like my it was from the deepest part of me never really happened before ..chris

  • Itsanewday McAuley

    I will never forget the first time I watched the movie, ” Left Behind. ” I began watching in my living room, but fell asleep in my recliner. All of a sudden I got the feeling that I was on a roller coaster ride. Much less intense, but with a strange tickle in my stomach, and a slight pulling force, caused me to wake up. I went up to my bedroom, to finish watching Left Behind, fell asleep again, with the same feeling in my stomach waking me up! This time I stayed awake to enjoy the duration of the movie. Whenever I praise The Lord, that feeling of a fountain springs up in my belly, than chills race all over me, woo! The holy ghost!

  • Sharon Calladine

    when i was about 13 years old i was a sleep in bed when a brilliant light appeard at the foot of by bed the man was in all brilliant white robe with long golden hair he raised his hands up gently palm side at the top my bed with me in it rose off the bedroom floor he then turned his hands over palms down and i and my bed came down gently he never spoke a word to me then dissapered ive never had the dream again but since then ive had counless dreams that have come true some have made the hairs on my head stand up the tsunammi that happend 2004 i had a dream about it every week for years then when it happend i never had the dream again i have dreams where im looking down at the earth its amazing ive had lots where they come true but i never had these dreams till i saw the light in my dreams i was never a church child nor were my family i do have a bible now it was my fathers i do know i had some special visit the night the light shone in my bedroom and raised me up its allways on my mind as been ever since that night

  • Naomi Smith (SweetNaomi)

    I got the Holy Ghost just 1 year before this movie was made. I was calling on the mighty name of Jesus when I felt and saw a beautiful white light and heard God speak to me to open my mouth. When I did, I called on Jesus some more and I began to speak in other tongues or another language and my tongue did not move. It was awesome!!!! Afterwards, I felt so much love and joy and peace words cannot express. Since that time, I’ve felt full in my heart and soul where I once felt empty. Although, I haven’t been able to speak in tongues again, because that is just one gift of the Holy Spirit, I’ve prayed for people and told them that God wants to live in them, just like in the movie.

  • 1965julie

    In 2007 I was so depressed and carried so much pain from the past I felt I couldn’t go on. I had always been Christian but felt that God couldn’t possibly love me because of the sins I had committed. I could not let go of the pain and events of my life that burdened me daily. One night, I broke down and cried out to God – actually cried out loud – I confessed all of my sins out loud and begged God for his forgiveness and to take away my pain. I cried out that I believed in his Son and that I was sorry for failing him and all the sins I had committed. I felt a warmness come over me that I had never experienced before. Within a day my heart was light and I no longer felt the pain of my past. For several weeks the Holy Spirit touched my heart and showed me things that I can’t even put into words. During this time I was able to quote Bible scriptures that I had never read before. I had a knowledge of God that was could not be explained through anything other than the Holy Spirit. One day, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart that it was leaving (not completely, but that I would no longer feel the direct connection because I had to go by faith from that point on) but that I would be ok. I was told that I would be facing many trials, but whenever I was afraid or in doubt to look up and know that I would be ok. For 7 years I went through some horrible events. Every time I felt like giving up, even suicidal because of my mental illness, I would remember what was told to me and would look up and pray. Every time I have done this I felt that warmness in my heart. Again, it’s a feeling I can’t put into words. You can’t have a testimony without a test. This is mine. Although it’s short, I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit came tome when I did cry out to God, at a time I needed Him the most, and confessed all of my sins and asked for forgiveness from the bottom of my heart. The week after I felt the Holy Spirit I was baptized. I know, even through all the tragedies that have happened that God is with me. I still suffer with my mental illness, but I don’t question God. I don’t feel it’s a punishment as I did before. I accept the challenges that he’s given me without question. I’m still a sinner, but my personal relationship with God has grown and I am eternally grateful for the visit from the Holy Spirit. I haven’t watched the movie, I’m just giving my own personal experience for those that may be going through a rough time or have pain from the past that is holding them back. Thank you God for sending your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, and for touching my heart with the Holy Spirit.

  • Kenneth Browning

    My name is Kenneth Browning and I live in Orangeburg, South Carolina. I purchased the Holy Ghost movie on my computer sometime last year around the time it was released. Having watched the movie, it changed my outlook on my relationship with Jesus. I felt in my life at the time that I had a strong relationship with God and Jesus, but somehow the Holy Spirit was being quenched in my life. Well, I was just so open to want to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit and have a deeper relationship with Christ. I ended up going to Hillsong Conference in New York last October at the Madison Square Garden theatre. Right before the last session started, I had to go to the restroom and the person sitting next to me told me that there was a restroom closer to me versus where I had been going before. So I went and as I was coming out, I saw this guy who looked so familiar praying for someone. I waited for him and as he came out, I saw it was Todd White from Holy Ghost. I asked him about something I was going through at the time and he told me these words exactly: “Do NOT violate your conscience for ANYBODY. Whether money, a girlfriend, NOTHING.” So as he left, I began to meditate on those words and then I received a call from an unknown number. I felt in my spirit that it was a pastor that I know down here by the name of Shane Wall. Well, after the last session on my way back to the hotel, I returned the call. It was Shane! So we talked for a moment and he invited me to an event that was being hosted at their church and Jamie Galloway from Holy Ghost was going to be speaking that night! It was like back to back, people from the movie that I had the honor and privilege of meeting. Well I went to the event that night and Jamie spoke much on being receptive to the Holy Spirit. Well, my girlfriend came out that night a little later because she had to work but she told me that she felt the need to be there. So she came through the door and about 10 minutes later, Jamie asked her to come up and he began to prophesy to her through the power of the Holy Spirit. He asked if there was anyone named Amy in the room. No one raised their hand. It turns out that whenever I came back from the conference, we visited a church near Summerville and that church happened to be off of a street called Amy St. He said that was a turning point in her life and then he began to prophesy to her, saying that he saw much debt that she owed through student loans and that she felt that time had been lost. He reassured her, saying that time had not been lost and that the Lord is going to wipe away that debt in full. She began weeping and then he asked the Holy Spirit to double His presence to let her know that it wasn’t Him but that it was fully Holy Spirit. She came back so reassured that Jesus was going to do what He said He would do. I wasn’t expecting Jamie to call me up but he did and He began to prophesy to me as well. He asked me if I had any brothers and I told him that I don’t. I only have one sibling and that’s my sister. Well, he again reiterated if I knew anyone in my life that I could consider to be a brother to me and I had an idea at the time but I believe that things are changing and I’m beginning to see who this person might be. Well this is exactly what He told me as I journaled: You are going to be part of a worship revolution that God is going to bring about in your willing vessel. It is going to be a tag team and the Lord is going to bring healing upon this person’s teeth. Since I have seen the movie and have had the honor of meeting Todd & Jamie, I can see that they are the real deal and that the Holy Spirit is definitely working in and through them. Recently, I found out that I have been accepted into Hillsong International Leadership College for the January 2016 intake! The Lord gave me a dream a while back concerning what I am supposed to be doing and He is definitely guiding my steps toward the destiny that has been spoken over my life and I am SO beyond grateful to Darren Wilson and the Wanderlust Team for helping me to see that Holy Spirit so desperately wants all of me and the truth is, He has it all from this point onwards. I pray this encourages someone out there. God Our Father, Jesus The Son, And Holy Spirit cares about you and loves more than You can ever imagine. Simply open yourself to Him.

  • Pam

    WOW!! Powerful film!! Amazing how God will use us when we say “YES!”

  • Den

    One has to be pure at heart to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit . when I walk close to the Lord I get the gift of Discernment. I know it’s to help weed out good from bad but it is not the best gift to get. Remember to always question the Holy Spirit. If someone claims they can heal or have a message.. Make sure to question who their God is. If they do not claim the Father ,Son and the Holy Spirit as their one and only God that Jesus walked this earth as flesh and died for our sins it is not of the Holy Spirit but of the anti Christ. Only the Holy spirit can proclaim this There will be lots of false profits . to receive the gift of the Spirit you must have the fruits of the Spirit. Angels walk amongst us. That is very true. They will test your spirit. And they see right to the heart. Their are also lots of bad spirits. Even Demons. Don’t be scared God is very protective over his flock. They can not stand us Christians that have the Holy Spirit in them. We were called to a battlefield not a playground. The elders of the church should be present during a healing. They are to pray over this. The elders are very strong in prayer.

    • Den

      I have not watched movie yet. I will definetly watch.

  • Living for Him

    The Holy Spirit had me start thinking about what if a director would make a movie that was totally Spirit led, with no script, just using real people, real stories. Then He led me to look up Christian film makers, & as I was searching I came across this movie & film maker. I haven’t seen it or any of the others, but just awed once again on how God works. Maybe there is a reason He wants me to see it. I love the Lord & have been a Christian for 20 years. He has given me songs, 90% being about His Spirit! He is alive & moving, praise Him!!

  • Erika Damico

    Watching the Holy Ghost on Netflix right now and am amazed that some members of Korn and even Lenny Kravitz are Christians. Praise be to God! I think this is great especially for the younger generation who see so much anti-Christian messages on TV and movies, not to mention in their classrooms if they go to public schools. I was brought up in a Christian home, went to Christian school, Christian camp in the summer, I had a life full of the blessings of God. My husband had a very different life, grew up Catholic and from a divorced family, very angry person, still is at times. He received Christ as his savior a few years ago which was Awesome! He is still struggling w/anger issues from PTSD and ADD. If anyone reads this, please pray for him that the Holy Spirit washes over him and helps him release this anger. Keep up the great work and you are truly an inspiration to me. Amen and God Bless!

  • natasha

    I am born catholic but don’t consider myself religious in any way I was attending college and was volunteering with my class for nait (college )c at Lac st Anne it is a pilgrimage and ppl gather to pray ect.. when the priest came up and was praying this overwhelming feeling came over me tears began to run down my cheeks but I was not sad. A little embarrassed as my fellow students were looking at me we later had a sharing circle wich is when we hold a talking stick and only the person holding it is allowed to speak . As it came to my turn I explained how I felt what had happend and that i was confused maybe the heavy positive energy hit me as I am a very sensitive person and can pick up emotions easily.. when another girl had the stick she explained (she is christian ) that she was taught that it means the Holy Spirit has touched you and it can be overwhelming. I always think about that day and feel like it was supposed to mean something more but It has been ten years and I still am left wondering why me. What did it mean ?

  • Alexandre H. C.

    The people of Brazil needs of portuguese subtitles!

  • Babalola Gideon

    Pls can I get this video link that changed your life. I want to experience the supernatural power of God and the reality of his existence with his divine prove, that will plant me in his covenant, through His undeserved grace. I am in Nigeria and My Mail address is [email protected]

  • Don

    Back in 2015 my cousin gave me a copy of Holy Ghost. It would be a while before I actually had time to sit down and watch it.

    I didn’t think too much of the movie itself. Some of the scenes seemed fake. Parlor tricks if you will. Even after the movie was over I didn’t sense anything of significance.

    But a few weeks later, I realized that I no longer had a desire to watch porn. I had been addicted to porn since I was 13 or 14 years old. Suddenly I wasn’t. I knew in that moment that the Holy Spirit had completely delivered me from that painful and embarrassing addiction.

    A real test came in September 2016. I lost my home in a fire and had to move to another cousins home until my place could be rebuilt. It was the former home of a hoarder. There were things in this home from the 40’s through the 2010s. Including a stack of porn magazines. The delivery from this addiction was so complete that I couldn’t even bring myself to touch them, even to throw them away. They stayed right where they were for 9 months.

    During this time I had two separate dreams about the magazines and in both dreams I ran away from them and didn’t look.

    During the last three months of my stay in that home I got a roommate. She finally got rid of them for me.

    Praise God for His love for me and His desire to deliver me from the chains that held me down for decades.


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