Holy Ghost

Darren Wilson has just announced that his highly anticipated new movie, Holy Ghost, will be launching on a 15 city American tour from September 6 to October 10, 2014. Each tour stop will also feature the popular Christian rock band, Jake Hamilton and the Sound, making for a massive concert/movie event. Tickets are $5, and are now available via the Wanderlust Productions website: http://www.wpfilm.com/holy-ghost-digital-premiere/

In conjunction to the 15 city tour, Wanderlust is opening up the ability for any church around the world to be a part of the tour as well. In a move designed to bring the film to any city that wants it, Wanderlust hopes to create both a cheap and painless way to do just that.

“We just came to the conclusion that it was ridiculous to charge churches $300 or more to show a film,” says Braden Heckman, CEO of Wanderlust. “We simply lined up our licensing program with our hearts in an effort to remove as many boundaries as we can for people to experience the Holy Spirit in a whole new way. This ability for any church or individual to cheaply bring the film to wherever they want is unprecedented and very exciting to us.”

Filmmaker Darren Wilson, and his team at Wanderlust, have big hopes for Holy Ghost. With this new program in place, they are hoping to have at least 500 churches around the world participating in the global release of their newest adventure. While some of the churches will choose to have their own date for their showing, most will be tapping into the massive online world premiere from the Civic Auditorium in Redding, CA, on September 6, 2014. Wanderlust is hoping for over 1 million people tuning into this free broadcast of the film, which will also feature a concert with Jake Hamilton, and a guest appearance by Korn guitarist, Brian “Head” Welch.

Holy Ghost is Darren Wilson’s follow up to the wildly popular “God Trilogy” of Finger of God, Furious Love, and Father of Lights. Using the crowd funding platform Kickstarter, it quickly became the #1 most funded Christian movie in Kickstarter history, raising nearly $360,000. Featuring a who’s who of Christian leaders and performers, including Lenny Kravitz, Brian “Head” Welch, Bill Johnson, Michael W Smith, and many more, Holy Ghost promises to be Wanderlust’s most evangelistic film to date, and one Darren and his team hope will provide a true bridge between the charismatic and more conservative evangelical denominations.
The film continues Darren’s travels around the world trying to capture God at work in some of the most unlikely of places. The majority of the first film takes place in Salt Lake City, Monaco, India, and during a concert for the secular heavy metal band, Korn. The second installment, titled Holy Ghost: Reborn, will release in Fall 2015.

Anticipation is high for this new installment from Wanderlust Productions, so be sure to get your tickets early as most of the events will likely sell out. Visit the Holy Ghost website to find out more about setting up your own showing during the tour.

To sign up to host your own Holy Ghost showing, please see: http://holyghost.wpfilm.com/premiere-tour/


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WP Films was founded by Darren Wilson in 2006 when he began work on what would become his first feature length film, Finger of God. The company currently concentrates on creating feature films that are both creatively exciting and spiritually engaging.

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Holy Ghost is now available on DVD and Digital Download.